Remember the black Versace safety pin dress that propelled Elizabeth Hurley from unknown to unforgettable? Recall Audrey Hepburn's Oscar-winning Givenchy black cocktail dress that graced our television screens in Sabrina; an epitome of timelessness? How about Julia Robert's ravishing red ball gown in Pretty Woman? And let's especially not forget Coco Chanel's creation of the first ever quintessential little black dress. Now, imagine a retrospective meandering down a wall of fame that consists not only of these aforementioned fashion moments, but also of the rest of the most iconic dresses, past and present, which have ever made a lasting impact on the red carpet and big screen. From Kate Middleton's wedding gown to Lady Gaga's Satellite frock, as well as a whole host of iconic little black dresses in between, Hal Rubenstein's beautiful new hardcover book 100 Unforgettable Dresses (Harper Designs, £21.99), is quite simply a fashionista's dream. Released in the UK on 5th November, InStyle magazine's fashion director Hal Rubenstein offers us a glamorous and sparkling insight into the history, secrets and drama of some of the world's most memorable fashion creations and how they have undoubtedly shaped aspects of our own self-image and fashion consciousness. 'The idea was for 100 unforgettable dresses, not 100 beautiful dresses, because not every dress in the book is beautiful,' he says. 'These are dresses that have had an emotional or historical connection to my generation or the generation after. I wanted people to turn the page and go, 'Oh my gosh, I remember that dress.' As a consequence, the pages are full of entertaining anecdotes and illuminating stories behind the genius inspiration of many of the dresses. An absolute must-have for any fashion addict, celebrity culture enthusiast or anyone after a beautifully tailored and detailed book that epitomises an opulent combination of style, art and creation. Team LBD is in love.