A mysterious book lays open, pages down, pouring its secrets into the earth it rests upon, exposing only the naked, hardback cover, protecting its crafted content from prying eyes and the unforgiving lens of French menswear designer-turned-provocative photographer, Hedi Slimane. Through the dense layers of dust and age old debris hides the gold lettering, uttering the title, 'The Dark Side of Innocence' a clause that so furiously fuels the creative curiosity of said artist. Slimane removed the pins from the luxurious designs which he so masterfully concocted for prolific design houses, including Dior Homme and Yves Saint Laurent, placing them, instead, in the corners of black and white photographs that, despite the sore loss to the design industry, invigorate the photographic realm. A diamond in the rough or, more appropriately, the refreshing rough around the polished, diamond edges of fashion photography. We are aware that our forte is to deliver trend insights and showcasing the most sought after designs of the season but Team LBD are breaking out from the confines of fashion, in order to bring all that is inspired by and inspires LBD. This is the very beginning of our journey down a wider road that explores everything that emanates from the Little Black Dress.   Francis Bean Cobain by Hedi Slimane Francis Bean Cobain, offspring of the most mythologised couple in rock next to Sid and Nancy, Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love, was subject to the intrusive lens of Slimane becoming the stunning muse for his recent photographic venture. This girl, of just nineteen years, is a living, breathing personification of the spirited youth, which pump blood through the veins of the contemporary LBD. Francis' aura of anarchism and strong sense of self leak into the images through her confident stances and Slimane's intelligent ability to capture the expressions and physical areas which serve to intensify intrigue and wonderment. In this sense, he is working from the same template as rebellious designers who want to create designs, which defy the mainstream and encourage the individual- a disposition that Team LBD admire to no end. Having said this, Slimane would abruptly deny any parallel to the mainstream fashion industry, feeling refreshed to be 'on this side of fashion' and having a stimulating sense of 'distance and freedom'. Francis' honesty and lack of precision styling reflect Slimane's atypical mantra, which defies the mass mindset of plagiarism and idolisation that merely cheapens designer garments. Francis Bean Cobain by Hedi Slimane Francis' look is a lifestyle as opposed to a heavily styled, trend-inspired imitation of a caricatured aesthetic that will die as the fad diminishes much like Slimane's photography, which is so raw and gritty. The undeniable air of mystery and attitude seep through every pore in Francis' angsty complexion; dripping from each strand of unkempt hair, radiating through the handpicked accessories and quirky body art. Dense, ebony brows frame piercing, blue eyes that hypnotise any who make contact, causing hallucinogenic flashbacks to her late father, droning the uneasy utterances of nineties grunge band, Nirvana through a haze of thick smoke. Francis Bean Cobain by Hedi Slimane Francis' alluring gaze invites a burning desire to figure out the cryptogram beyond the beautiful aesthetics; a hankering for mystery and everything that the modern-day LBD is about. Black dresses today utilise sheer fabrics and intricate lace, which reveal just enough to entice the victim then build a magnetic wall, designed only to tease and bemuse from then on in. In the past we have admired Francis' mother and frontwoman of rock band, Hole for being the incomparable, 'Godmother of grunge' but we strongly feel that there is a new Goddess in town.  Slimane shot Courtney Love back in 2008, producing a collection of images that have a notable resemblance to the eye-catching photographs of little Love. (From left to right: Courtney Love, Sky Ferreira, Amy Winehouse by Hedi Slimane) Slimane has also captured a myriad of celebrities in their raw, genuine state including, singer and prevailing fashion icon, Sky Ferreira in a, sultry yet alternative, shoot very similar to Miss. Cobain's. His profound images of the late Amy Winehouse who recently joined 'The 27 Club', passing away at the meager age of twenty-seven much like Francis' legendary father, are as harrowing and eerie as they are touching and emotional. The soft focus photographs with Amy avoiding eye contact now seem more eerie and ethereal with her tragic death. It seems Hedi Slimane may have a penchant for the unconventional matriarch who is unafraid to loose her inhibitions (preferably with a scattering of tattoos) and one who still manages to reflect her true colours even through his signature, monochrome photography. So, while Team LBD are furiously typing away and you're waiting for the next editorial installment, take a look through Hedi Slimane's photolog for a refreshing view from his side of fashion.