If you think office dressing means boring, unfashionable and shapeless clothes then think again. There are many ways you can incorporate your own style and femininity into your day-to-day work wardrobe. What you wear also depends on several things such as your company culture and dress code; current trends, the season and your own personal style. But you need to make sure it is appropriate and more importantly, comfortable. You don’t want to wear anything that is too tight, too short or too revealing as you will spend your entire day worrying about what you look like. And no one needs that extra stress at work. So here’s our guide to achieving 9-5 chic no matter what your workplace. Secretary Chic This can cover a number of areas including secretary, PA and receptionist but all require you to look smart and to be comfortable. A dress is perfect as you will not only look sophisticated but feminine and chic. Dresses are also very comfortable and are easy to throw on in the morning. Don’t be afraid to try a bold colour or printed separates,they can be really flattering when worn in neutral palettes. Shoes are up to you. If you have to run many errands, go for a lower heel but if you are mainly desk based and you like a high heel, go for something mid-height and comfortable. Look chic at work: Secretary. Trendy Teacher Being a teacher can mean more freedom when it comes to dressing. If you teach younger children, printed trousers and a smart jumper are comfortable and authoritative.  If you prefer a dress, wear something knee-length that you can wear with tights or a cardigan.  If you teach older children, dressing more formal might be more appropriate. As long as you keep it smart and neutral with touches of colour, the focus will remain on your teaching and not on what you are wearing. Again, shoes need to be of a height you are comfortable standing in for long periods of time and jewellery should reflect your personality but not dominate it. This cute tea dress by Rise Fashion is great for you as it is comfortable, not too strict in shape and features a subtle pattern in neutral colours. Pair with simple stud earrings to add a little colour to the outfit. Boardroom Babe High powered business women need practical yet powerful dresses to create a strong impression as your days are often filled with meetings with clients, dealing other business people and giving presentations to large numbers of people.  The obvious choice would be a suit but if you prefer something more feminine a smart, fitted dress with simple court shoes works every time. You can dress it up with sophisticated jewellery and a jacket, adding flashes of colour where you feel comfortable. The Matilda & Quinn Sally dress is ideal, as it is feminine, yet strong. Wear with simple pointed court shoes like these shoes from Bourne as the heel is just the right height for every day. Shop floor Sweetie If you work in retail in a busy store where you are on your feet all day, being comfortable and fashionable are your main concerns. You will need to dress in a way that is approachable to customers, so nothing too over the top but wear something that reflects your fashion taste. A dress is perfect for this, as you can change your look with a shirt, cardigan or jacket. Shoes need to be flat or a very low heel, as running around and being on your feet all day can wreck havoc on your toes. These Bourne Imogen shoes are stylish and comfortable and can be worn with anything. If your vocation hasn't been covered here, then don’t worry you can take elements and advice from each of these areas in order to find your perfect working wardrobe. Shop all our work dresses here.