Iris Apfel: fashion icon, collector of eclectic/wacky/beautiful jewellery and 91 year old style maven from New York. Iris is many things. But a wearer of five-inch heels? Perhaps not. Even if they have been designed as a tribute to her by Jimmy Choo... The shoe legend has designed a hand-woven, brightly embellished leather sandal with ultra-high heel which he has dubbed the ‘Iris’ in honour of the lady who he credits as ‘the grand dame of idiosyncratic fashion’. But the outspoken fashionista has made her feelings about heels and for that matter the over-embellished heel, known to the fashion press. She said in a recent interview claimed that she ‘could not see anything beautiful about [high heels]’ and that Manolo Blahnik was the only designer she knew to decorate shoes well. Sorry Jimmy! The good news though is that the clever ladies behind Jimmy Choo, Sandra Choi and Simon Holloway, have also created a flat version of the fringed sandal which they believe mirrors Apfel’s ‘maximalist style and bold layering of tribal and ethnic jewellery’. But whether the iconic clothes horse likes them or not may not be why she hasn’t dashed out to buy a pair just yet. It may well have something to do with the hefty $1495 price tag. We hope Jimmy Choo’s shoe muse gets a discount! Shop our new statement shoe brand, United Nude here now or browse our designer shoe collection here.