Team LBD has been keeping a secret, and the time has come for us to finally reveal what we’ve been hiding. We’re all familiar with that feeling: when you’ve worn your favourite dress to a big event, you’re desperate to wear it to the next one, but you don’t want to be spotted committing the dreaded fashion crime that is, ‘outfit repeating’. Luckily, we’ve collaborated with the wonderful designer, Kate Fearnley, to come up with a solution to your party dress woes. The Multi-Way Dress is a fun, unique and innovative take on a classic little black dress, and it's available now on The Multi-Way dress can be styled in not one, not two, but in at least ten different ways! If that’s not design genius, we don’t know what is. Made from a luxurious soft stretch jersey, this stunning dress can easily be stepped into or pulled on, accommodating to all shapes and sizes. Keep it simple or vamp it up for a night out, without having to go home to change. Here we show you the six key looks and how to create them, but don't forget, there's at least four more ways you can style your Multi-Way, so be as adventurous as you like! Shop the Multi-Way Dress.