An article in the Daily Mail newspaper has claimed that online shopping is killing off the little black dress. Radio 4 presenter Winifred Robinson, who has relied on the LBD for years, spoke to retailers whose sales of black dresses are down because, they say, shoppers find it harder to see the detail in a black dress on the internet, whilst ‘selfies’ get more reaction from viewers when wearing more colourful outfits. Such claims obviously had Team LBD feeling a little hot under the collar of our trusty little black dresses. Apart from the fact that has a steady stream of happy customers (we hope, do enlighten us if you feel otherwise!), here are the reasons we know that the LBD will never, ever go out of fashion... 1. It is so incredibly flattering. The very reason it can be more difficult to showcase on the internet is why women love the LBD; black absorbs light. This means that donning your favourite LBD knocks half a stone off you instantly. And lets be honest, the desire to look slimmer isn’t going to go out of vogue any time soon. 2. The LBD makes you feel fantastic. Partly because it is so flattering, but also because it is so incredibly versatile, the LBD is the ultimate go-to dress for all occasions. Snapping a colourful selfie may be more eye-catching, but it’s the classic LBD that women turn to for that all-important cocktail party, Saturday night out or dinner with friends. 3. We love how the LBD is steeped in stylish heritage. Reinvented by Coco Chanel in the 1920s, the LBD’s simple, pared-down elegance is synonymous with iconic style. Wearing the LBD makes you a little part of this inherently stylish world. 4. The LBD is an A-list and red-carpet favourite. With everyone from Kate Moss to Kate Middleton shining in black on red carpets and at parties and events all round the world. After taking a look back at the dresses worn at the Oscars by Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress nominees over the last decade, nearly a third wore a LBD. 5. Black is never boring. Add lace, or embellishment, a print, or a flourish of frills; bring up the hemline, scoop down the neck… there are a million and one styles of the LBD. 6. If black is a dying breed, why are so many designers including black (and lots of it) in their latest collections? Marc Jacobs' SS14 collection for Louis Vuitton was entirely black and out of the 49 styles Dior sent down the ready-to-wear runway, almost a third were LBDs. Valentino, Chanel, Bottega Veneta, Antonio Berardi, Balenciaga and Celine are just some of the other designers who also managed to re-work the little black dress into their collections. 7. The LBD has many faces. It can make you feel chic like Coco Chanel, rebellious like Rihanna, demure like Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s or daring like Liz Hurley in that safety pin dress. And it’s for this reason that if you go out any night, to any cocktail party, any awards do, to any club, any ball, any restaurant, we promise you’ll see a sea of LBDs; the most popular dress in the room. And that, dear readers, is why the little black dress will always be a firm favourite of Team LBD's and women all round the world. Long live the LBD! Has all this talk of black dresses got your heart racing? Shop our extensive collections of little black dresses now! What do you think? Is the LBD a dying style? Please let us know! Comment below or email as at [email protected].