Team LBD are always looking for a new unique twist on the classic little black dress, but a student at Victoria University in New Zealand has taken a whole new meaning to the a LBD...! As part of the University's 'Wearable Technology' course, students have a project called Fireflies and Lighting Bugs, in which the students create wearable apparel using computer programs which allows the garments to light up- ooh ah! One of the talented students, Emily Steel, has redeveloped a classic LBD by creating the 'Little Slide Dress' (see what she did there?). Emily says her inspiration came from, “…classic movies and the magic of film to create a wearable piece of technology and art”. Now for the scientific bit: the LED technology slide dress reads how much light there is and then determines if the LED dress will be turned on or off. So partying in dark clubs in your LBD could be a whole new experience!