What are your thoughts on wearing an LBD in the day? I would only wear that particular LBD during the day if I was in Paris for Fashion Week. A more simple, less-fitted, vintage-esque dress with a classic jacket would look great in the day though. How do you dress for your figure? I have to wear boots above the knee. It doesn’t look right on me if they are below the knee for some reason. Every girl has those kinds of things, don't they? Remember when the big shoulder pad jackets were in? I think they looked great on girls with tiny shoulders, but when I tried one on, I couldn’t fit through the door! Even though I liked that trend and I think it looked great on everyone else, I couldn’t pull that off and I think it's important not to dress blindly for fashion. Which celebrity fashion labels do you love? I have to say, I love the Olsen twins. I wear The Row a lot and I think the designs are amazing. I love when they wear their big floor-length dresses. I think it’s so rad. I know they’re not for everyone, but I’m into quirky style so for me, I love that they dress with irony. It’s not just about dressing to make yourself look good, you have to have a sense of humour in the way you dress too. Which designer do you wear the most? Definitely Prada, because they are good friends of mine and the head of their PR department is like my sister, so Prada has always designed things for me. They've even taken my drawings and made me dresses based on my own designs. They were the ones who said I should start my own line. They have been very supportive in my fashion career.  I also love Donna Karan. I do wear a lot of female designers. You have a very vintage look. Where does your style originate from? I’ve always loved vintage clothing and mixing designer pieces with vintage finds. When we first moved to America, we didn’t have very much money at all. My mum used to shop in all the charity stores and 'swap meets' and she’d always get the coolest vintage clothes. That was the first time I was around that style of clothing and that pretty much set my style.