Patrizia Pepe was born in 1933 from an ingenious collaboration between two Italian designers: Patrizia Bambi and Claudio Orrea who are also, incidentally, husband and wife. The romantic and business marriage combine harmoniously to create a fantastic design team; generating enviable success and popularity, that has secured its longevity. The range of Patrizia Pepe clothing grows with the rapid increase in acclamation and demand for them. This design team was originally famed for their renowned outwear which stemmed from Claudio Orre's redirection from a career in mechanics to designing and producing sportswear. However, from recognising their enthusiastic following, Patrizia and Claudio began to branch out into menswear and womenswear. Patrizia Pepe collections now feature glorious dresses such as this one (below left), which belongs to the most recent Evening Spring/Summer 2011 collection. This design house has recently released a collection entitled Biker Princess, which features garments inspired by a gritty biker style. This clothing line has a stylish urban aesthetic that marries perfectly to the up and coming grunge trend - which promises to take the fashion world by storm for seasons to come. Biker Princess appeals to a youthful market but also to the older woman who is looking to release her inner rebel. The sensuous mini dress (above right) is an exemplary item from the Evening Spring/Summer 2011 collection, which encapsulates this feel through futuristic-style silk panels, reminiscent of Biker attire. Both of these LBDs could be dressed up with some statement jewellery for a gorgeous evening outfit or keep accessories minimal to cater for casual daywear. Patrizia Pepe clothes are a beautiful balance between the strength of the modern woman and her flirtatious femininity. The garments are glamorous and sexy yet soft and appealing. Known as being an upscale, high-end clothing label, it is easy to confuse this brand as being impractical and more suitable for outlandish runway shows. However, due to their influence from traditional European style, Patrizia and Orrea have managed to create a label that was highly stylish whilst being renowned for it's refined sense of wearability. The Spring/Summer 2011 Patrizia Pepe collection will be featured at fashion buying event of the season, Pure London, next month. Go and check out their designs firsthand and find the perfect LBD for your current wardrobe. Patrizia personally appraises and wears each head design of every collection so you can guarantee your dress has had personal approval from an acclaimed designer.