How did you get in to styling? What was your first fashion/styling job? Where have you worked? Do you have a degree/qualification? Have you always wanted to work in fashion?

Whilst I was at fashion college I applied to do work experience at 19 Magazine and did really well there. After college I did loads of work experience at different magazines including Marie Claire and Cosmo. My first proper job was at Clothes Show Magazine as the Editor’s assistant. I was there for six months and then left to be Fashion and Beauty assistant at a teen mag and it went on from there! Who have you styled? Who has been your favourite people/person to style? Who would you still like to style? I have styled everyone from A-list celebrities including Beyonce and David Beckham to models and real people.  I love styling people that I know can look great with some help, it’s more rewarding than styling people that already look great. What’s your own style like? Do you think it’s important to look stylish when working on a celeb’s look? Would you ever dress a client in something you didn’t like? How much attention do you pay to this season’s style/catwalk looks? Or do you dress to suit personalities/body shapes? My style is a cross between fashion-forward and classic pieces. I do like to be practical too. Depending on who I’m shooting depends on what I might wear on the day! I dress my clients according to the brief that’s been set, but always with what I think looks best. I follow the latest trends but my wardrobe will not be dictated by them, I wear what works for me, not just because it’s on trend. What does the little black dress mean to you? Do you own a LBD? How would you dress up your LBD/would you let the LBD do the talking? Who is your LBD icon? Can you tell us your top LBD looks that you’ve styled yourself i.e. Cara Kilbey at the premiere of Total Recall wearing a Herve Leger dress etc… Everyone needs to have a LBD as they are always a safe option and can be dressed up or down. My style is ‘less is more’ so I always keep it simple and chic with the accessories. Victoria Beckham is my LBD idol, she’s got this look nailed. My top LBD look that I’ve styled was Jessica Wright for the NTAs in a full length lace gown, she won best dressed of the night. What are your favourite brands at If you could have any outfit from what would it be (choose a dress, accessories, shoes etc)? The Pretty Dress Company are amazing. I love the length of the hemline, the choice of simple yet classic designs and the fact they do them in every colour of the rainbow for around £95 is very exciting for me. Gorgeous Couture are perfect for glamorous events. Their dresses are great quality for the price, and they are the best in the business for stealing A-list red carpet styles. What can readers expect from Karen Williams over the next couple of months? I’m a guest judge on a new television programme with Holly Valance, which is out in October on Discovery Channel. We set contestants style challenges and critique them – it’s a bit like a fashion X Factor really, haha! I will also be putting together some exciting shoots with my favourite frocks for Any extra interesting facts about yourself? Funny stories from any shoots you’ve done? When I first started working with the Essex girls, it took me a while at the fittings to get my head round the fact they kept saying ‘Imagine what this outfit will look like when I’m 10 shades darker.’ This was a whole new way of working for me!