Rachell Smith

The very first photoshoot of the LBD reincarnation as a respected online fashion hub was shot by Rachell Smith, a London based, ex Rankin, photographer who is blessed with many specialties, one being editorial portraits for design and advertising.


Mala Bryan

mala bryanThe photoshoot featured the enviably beautiful Mala Bryan whose modeling success is a charming tale of rags to riches and being in the right place at the right time. We are blessed to have such a stunning woman representing our brand and Mala is the epitome of the modern little black dress wearer - strong, sexy, independent but flirtatious and enchanting at the same time.


Mark Glenister

Accomplished Videographer, Mark Glenister, shot our fantastic video on the website portal which also features, once again, the beautiful Miami model, Mala Bryan who has almost become the Little Black Dress muse. Mark shot Mala performing a serious of elegant movements, which makes for a totally hypnotic viewing experience as her floor trailing, slinky LBD caresses every curve of her body.


James Roper

We are commissioning artist James Roper to create a piece of artwork portraying a little black dress in his own distinguished style. James has a wealth of talent and skill, which is why he has been commissioned to create this artwork that has potential aspirations to become limited edition, LBD prints.   James' creations focus on the extremist views that both humans and animals have and the peak shift, which manifests itself in an extreme characterisation of objects. Characterisation exists in the exaggerated extravagance used my Haute couture designs, much like the dresses featured in our editorials.

Featured Designers

Recently we have explored the in vogue notion of ethical-fashion and delved into the eco-friendly collections of designers such as Feng Ho, Joe Komodo and K T Brown. While Little Black Dress is devoted to all things style and glamour, we also respect that we have a social responsibility to the environment in which we inhabit. The carbon footprint of fashion needs downsizing immediately and being inspired by creatives such as these is one step in the right direction. We will feature a myriad of designers and design houses in our editorial features that are showcasing the current trends or fashion directions, which we think, will tickle your fancy. We would like to thank our featured designers for allowing us to feature their work and all of the photographers who have kindly supplied us with the imagery that brings our site to life.

Editorial Writers:

Stephanie Whalley

Stephanie Whalley is the very first commissioned writer for and has been crafting the copy for our celebrity chartings and editorial articles. stephanie walleyThe LBD Blog features celebrities who have adorned a little black dress to any prevailing events and these articles remain in keeping with current happenings. Our LBD Editorial features take a wider perspective over the fashion realm as a whole, reporting seasonal trends, matters of interest and intriguing designers.

Team LBD:


Little Black Dress would not exist without the brains behind the whole concept, David Walter who orchestrates the entire operation, ensuring digital, design and communication teams are working in complete LBD The Little Black Dress brand would be nothing without our fabulous digital and design teams who have crafted the site, building it back up from rubble, pixel by pixel, in-house here at Photolink Creative Group. Chris Smith, Nick Woolley, Katrina McElligott, Ken Berkley, Nik Gudegast, Kay Carter and Stephanie Marks work their magic on LBD everyday, concocting a myriad of visual extravaganzas for your enjoyment. Joanna Halton and Fay Schofield make up our brilliant Social Media and Online Communications team who, alongside their writing duties, keep your fingers on the pulse of all things Little Black Dress, ensuring the latest fashion news is on the blog and expertly refreshing our Twitter and Facebook pages all day, every day to keep you in the know.

Thanks to fashionistas

Little Black Dress would also be nothing and get nowhere fast without our trend-savvy fashionistas who carefully select only the best LBDs for you to behold and salivate over.

Coming soon

Soon coming to a screen near you: price filters, picks of the editor's favourites, special selections and more...