LBD-blogger-award-high-res Team LBD proudly presents the March instalment of the LBD® Blogger Awards! Each month we'll be showcasing our top ten bloggers that we've fallen in love with, for all sorts of reasons! These prestigious blogs will range from our favourite daily reads to bloggers we have enjoyed working with, those we want to be and those nominated for their sheer uniqueness. So there you have it, read on for the best blogs you should be coveting. This month, Little Black Dress's prestigious Blogger Awards go to...
love-my-dress What: Bridal fashion and beauty Why: A home for all things bridal where Annabel and her trusty band of wedding obsessed ladies indulge their romantic fantasies. Bridal beauty and fashion shots are compiled to give you the most comprehensive look to your big day with heavy doses of vintage inspired style (and a distinct lack of gypsy wedding meringues!). High fashion is merged with submission shots from everyday women and frankly, we're in love! Where:
love-audrey What: Lifestyle Why: Franky began blogging life as a beauty writer, mainly fixating on her favourite red lipstick, but she has now graduated to a 'warts and all' account of her life. She diligently covers the recipes, fashion and décor of her days alongside the trials and tribulations; all of which makes for an engrossing read and all inspired by the blog's namesake, Audrey Hepburn of course. PS. She also contributes to so is raking in the praise from Team LBD. Where:
leopard-and-lilies What: Fashion and Lifestyle Why: This is the fashion story of an American girl in Dubai, giving us her latest musings on style today. Illustrated through stunning shots of her against the brilliant blue skyline of Dubai, she dips in and out of trends and offers faithful readers the advice they need to look striking every day. With occasional lifestyle moments (check out her recent salty and sweet cookie recipe- delicious!) this is a hub for those with a passion for fashion. Where:
enviromint What: Environmentalism Why: The issues of today seen through the eyes a graduate with a massive debt. Not immediately sucked in? Well you should be as this is a heartfelt and often funny look at the environmental problems that face our society today, from Pants to Poverty to whether fur in fashion is right and of course the plight of the otter. With great ecological product recommendations and a penchant for cute animal pics, this is a lovely read with its heart firmly in place. Where:
girl-with-curves What: Fashion Why: The original girl with curves Tanesha is a lady with a mission! What originally started as a simple fashion website has become a cause for change in the way curvy girls are represented in the fashion industry- a cause that is close to her (and of course Team LBD's) heart. With her tips and personal style shots posted for inspiration, this is a read that is both chic and inspirational in equal measure. Where:
logans-runway What: Fashion Why: A self-confessed 'fashion writer trapped in a Marketing Team Leader's body', Laura Logan offers us an insight into the world of fashion from the viewpoint of a real woman with a real budget and figure. This style obsessive gives us a look through her trendy moments (see her recent trip to London Fashion Week) and outfits, which are all of course planned at least the night before. Hers is an entertaining viewpoint we can all relate to. Where:
curvy-wordy What: Fashion Why: So often the complaint of the larger busted lady is the search for good lingerie: supportive but not made for a maternity wear line; pretty and without industrial size straps. Curvy Wordy is hot in pursuit of lingerie and fashion that is suited to the curvier lady, dipping into the world of retro and fetish as it does so. The result is an honest and hilarious account of our L cup narrator's quest. Where:
she-wears-fashion What: Fashion Why: A girl from the North (not too far from Team LBD's HQ in fact) she is an urban hipster with a cult following in the blogging community, and only at the tender age of 20! Mixing vintage finds with high street pieces she had catapulted to blogosphere fame being featured in a number of magazines already. And we can see why since her edgy style is the perfect inspiration when we're having 'fashion block'. Where:
the-bomberjacket What: Music Why: For the soundtrack to our fashionable exploits, this is our first port of call. Offering music journalism outside the reach of giant publications it keeps us up to date with all the up and coming bands you'll soon know about and all the existing ones you should know about. With a multitude of talented contributors we feel our indie-cool credentials rising every time we log on. Where:
young-gold-teeth What: Art and Media Why: With her bite size musings on all things art, media and everything else in between Young Gold Teeth it is perfect for an opinion-to-go of a lunch break. Featuring interviews with artists and a neo-feminist mentality, the homepage alone is enough to keep you entertained with a patchwork of cute illustrations and pop culture shots. Where:
Well done to all the blogs in this month's LBD Blogger Awards! If you run a blog that you think we'll love, or know someone who does then drop our assistant editor an e-mail at [email protected] and nominate it now!