[caption id="attachment_334" align="alignright" width="307" caption="Christian Dior – Dressed In Black - Valerie Mendes"]Christian Dior – Dressed In Black - Valerie Mendes[/caption]   Hello and welcome to the launch of the Little Black Dress online community, where all things black [and at times colourful] will be available for you to purchase online. We will give you all the latest fashion that emanates from the LBD. We will show what the girls are wearing from film stars to sexy politicians' wives, from royalty to romantics. We will look at the accessories that make the statements, and ways to lift that special LBD that is close to your heart. We will show dresses that seduce, the ones that don't. We will in the future be showing our own collection from selected designers, and a micro collection of our own. So if the Little Black Dress is close to your heart, and you know it will always be, register with us now, and we will send your our newsletter. Thanks, Carla Brunei