It's the time of the year when a tan is de rigueur, and so we spoke to the very lovely and very very knowledgable Jules Heptonstall, St Tropez's very own celebrity tanner, to find out the tricks of the trade when it comes to getting an A-list worthy tan. Find out absolutely everything with Jules' tips for applying, taking off and all those weird tan myths set straight, here. But first off, who is this tanning guru?!

Who’s the most a-list person you’ve worked your tanning magic on?

I did Kate Moss for our St Tropez campaign, which was certainly a career highlight, she was great!

How do you become a celebrity tanner?

I studied Fashion at Manchester University and then started working with St.Tropez testing products. A friend asked me if I wanted to come along and do the tans for The X Factor, and it went from there. It’s such a great job, it's so fun and I get to travel loads.

Which celebrities always have a flawless tan that you admire?

Obviously the people I work with! Which include Sienna Miller, Poppy Delevigne, Suki Waterhouse, Laura Whitmore and Millie Mackintosh to name a few. I’ve got a mobile kit, so I can go around to their house and just spray them right there or pop it up in their hotel room if they’ve just flown in for an event. [caption id="attachment_82562" align="aligncenter" width="430"] Jules' tanned beauties: Sienna Miller, Poppy Delevingne and Millie Mackintosh[/caption]

What’s your perfect night out anywhere in the world?

I’d start off at Australasia in Manchester for dinner and drinks and then fly to Stockholm to have cocktails at Nosh and Chow. If this really is my perfect night I’m then going to take a trip to Shintori, a restaurant and bar right in the middle of Shanghai. Then I would fly to Sydney and have breakfast on Bronti beach (if I still have the energy!).

What’s your tipple of choice?

I love a margarita, and a shot of tequila never hurts. But my real weakness is Hendricks gin served with cucumber!

Where’s your favourite spot to party?

Nothing beats a night out in Berlin. Follow Jules on Twitter and Instagram @julesvonhep and check out his grooming blog (for tips as well as a laugh): Read our ultimate guide to a perfect tan from St Tropez's tanning guru Jules Heptonstall here.