Not just an innovator in music but also in style, Annie Lennox is about to show the North of the country just why she is as much known for her extravagant outfit choices as she is for those much devoured vocals. The iconic female singer, whose career spans over the past forty years is putting her life in costume proudly on display this spring as the touring House of Annie art exhibition makes its way into The Lowry in Manchester. The exhibition is based around a ‘house’ and will provide audiences with a visual journey through the singers world, referencing not just her infamous music and fashion but also the political and charity work that she has championed over the years. Pieces of fashion memorabilia for fans to see includes the Union Jack dress Annie wore to the 1999 Brit Awards and the sequined evening dress as seen in the Little Bird video. An added extra for the Manchester crowd includes the Savage dress worn by Annie in The Eurhythmics music video for I Need a Man too. The Lowry exhibition will also give fans a personal insight into Annie’s creative processes with a display of hand written lyrics and music manuscripts. Along with awards from the Grammys and the Oscars, the exhibition will also be showing ephemera from the political causes championed by the singer which include the SING campaign which aimed to raise the awareness of HIV and AIDS - something that surely added to the long list of attributes making Annie Lennox a recipient of an OBE in 2011- now that's our kind of LBD icon! A powerful lady, Annie has challenged conventions not just in politics but also in fashion. The starlet boasts a distinctive style consisting of waistcoats, overcoats often topped with a tilted trilby hat, not to mention the statement suit pieces and smart black dresses so frequently opted for and so effortlessly pulled off. Team LBD can't wait to see these iconic pieces up close! For more information about the House of Annie art exhibition at The Lowry, Manchester click here. Take a look at these tuxedo style LBD looks for Annie Lennox inspired style. [affiliate category_id=374 per_page=3 show_pagination=false]