London Cocktail Week starts next week and it's got Team LBD talking about our signature drinks. The drink you sip and the dress you wear say a lot about you. Take a look at Team LBD's oh-so scientific* analysis of which cocktail you are and what you should be wearing... *Not really! Sex on the Beach If you love nothing more than a flirty, flippy skirted LBD and showing off your best assets to all the boys, you're the cheeky Sex on the Beach. Slip in to CeMe's Idelia Dress to accentuate your sexy side.   Long Island Iced Tea If you're chic and sophisticated and the grown-up one in your group of friends, then you're the Long Island Iced Tea. Ice cool but tantalisingly tasty, you'd suit the figure-enhancing Mayfair Pencil Dress from The Pretty Dress Company. Slippery Nipple Always seconds away from a wardrobe malfunction and a little flesh flashing (accidentally or on purpose, we'll never know), you're the Slippery Nipple. Ooh err! Wear this HMH Couture Margarita Dress to solve all your woes – it's reversible for when you've knocked a few too many back and chest-baring becomes likely.   Cosmopolitan Like the little black dress you're versatile, contemporary and always on trend. You're the SATC girl's tipple of choice, the Cosmopolitan. Try Yanny London's Kimmy Dress for a modern twist on an old classic. Bloody Mary A fruity concoction with all the trimmings, and a fiery but flirty personality. Sound familiar? If so then you're the healthy drinker's desired drink, the Bloody Mary. And you'll be needing an equally fiery, with all the trimmings kind of dress: Kate Fearnley's Astrid Dress in Red is perfect.   Appletini Sophisticated but sharp no-one messes with the Appletini lover. You'll be needing an equally sharp and slinky dress to match your sweet and sour mood so Team LBD recommend one of our own personal favourites, the Reiss Eos Black Tiered Dress. And if you're a pure and simple LBD girl through and through then our LBD cocktail is the one for you! Get yours FREE here.