All this week we're giving customers who spend £100 or more at a FREE 50ml bottle of St Tropez Instantly Glow Body Lotion, worth £10! So who better to talk that covetable sun-kissed glow with than Nichola Joss, the brand's A-List Beauty Skincare Expert. Nichola is beauty therapist to a bevy of A-list beauties such as Scarlett Johansson, Hilary Swank, Gisele Bundchen and Gwyneth Paltrow and has had her work featured in Vogue, InStyle and the catwalks of Matthew Williamson and Roland Mouret. And she's the woman behind the new face of St Tropez, Kate Moss' tan. So she knows her stuff... How can we get a red carpet-worthy glow during festival season? As we move into summer, festivals are a very busy season for us. At both festivals like Coachella and Bestival we are finding that people want to take a non -commitment tanning product with them. They take the St. Tropez Wash Off products because once it has absorbed into the skin and it has dried it doesn't wash off until you use soap and water. So if we get rain at Bestival you are still going to have that golden glow of colour on your skin. What are the latest tanning trends globally at the moment? I think trends globally have shifted and changed as people like to expose a little more skin as nowadays it is more acceptable. The cut-out trend is huge! When you do want to show a little skin you want it to look perfectly polished and even — this is where St. Tropez is perfect as it gives a golden, even glow. St. Tropez is now available in so many different countries, but as it adapts to all skin tones it can be used worldwide to give that perfect skin with just a breath of natural colour. Is there a specific trend in skin that we will be sporting this summer? This summer the trend is all about sculpting and contouring. It is about layering products on top of each other to parts of the body that you want to add a little more shape and definition. You can use St. Tropez products to help to lengthen the limbs and also add extra texture and tone to the arms and shoulder areas. Is there a buzz word in tanning, something that we have to have and what everyone will be talking about? Most definitely and they are 'bespoke' and 'intelligent tanning'. We want people to understand that St. Tropez products work for everyone, for whatever they want to achieve. It isn't really about following one specific trend, as we want people to decide what they want their skin to look like. For me, another buzz word is St. Tropez Bronzing Mousse and Mitt; they both give you a beautiful finish that everyone can achieve at home. They are such a great invention; the mitt allows you to tan at home but still getting a professional finish. Kate is now tanning at home; I’m not tanning her she is off doing it on her own! It shows that everyone can apply the products at home and get that beautiful perfect skin finish. What is your idea of perfect looking skin? For me it is that perfect, glowing, healthy and radiant skin. It doesn't have to be a dark tan, it can be very pale in tone but what you want to achieve is luminosity and radiance so your skin looks alive and healthy.