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    Never Play it Safe - Fashion Oscars SS17

    Graduate Fashion Week is the largest showcase of emerging talent in the world. Often called the fashion Oscars, we are pleased to be a key sponsor. Read on for a glimpse of the future of fashion and join the FROW . ....

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    LBD Spotlight: The Most Iconic LBDs of All Time

    At Little Black Dress our ethos is predominantly based around and dedicated to the significance of the LBD. We are acutely aware of its powerful history and how so many famous females throughout the 20th Century have contributed to its iconic and timeless style status. In honour of this ultimate black dress we have put together a timeline of our top iconic LBD moments from across the decades. They ...

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    Back To Black: A LBD retrospective

    The origins of the little black dress are accredited to the classic designs of the great Gabrielle 'Coco' Chanel. Chanel's mantra was to design and produce a range of black dresses that were intended to be wearable, versatile and available to the mass market due to the neutral nature of the colour palette. The Chanel philosophy lives on today as the archetypal model for aspiring little black dress designers to ...