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    Fixing fashion - Sustainability Promise

        Okay. We get it. When it comes to being sustainable we admit to not being 100% perfect. Yet. But we are making baby steps. Small changes are afoot in the way we work with our brand partners to help our business become more green. To us, it’s not just a buzz word. It’s not just a gimmick to get a headline on social media. But we need your help.  So, what is Green Fashion – h...

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    Joe Komodo & K T Brown

    Hippy-chic has gone Haute couture this season, with ethical fashion taking over the runways; and it's no surprise, given the growing interest in the trend amongst both designers and consumers. Inspirational design team, K T Brown blend contemporary, international textile directions with traditional Sri Lankan designs to inject a boutique atmosphere into the Southern Asian fashion industry. K T Brown shy away fr...

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    FENG HO:

    Following a strict ethical policy lead to eco-conscious designer, Feng Ho, becoming a respected, listed member of the Ethical Fashion Forum and go on to win their Innovation Award last year.  She is also in the process of being involved in a project with fair trade India. Feng Ho follows a work ethic that employs timeless designs; combating disposable fads, eco textiles such as hemp, bamboo and organic cot...