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    Patrizia Pepe

    Patrizia Pepe was born in 1933 from an ingenious collaboration between two Italian designers: Patrizia Bambi and Claudio Orrea who are also, incidentally, husband and wife. The romantic and business marriage combine harmoniously to create a fantastic design team; generating enviable success and popularity, that has secured its longevity. The range of Patrizia Pepe clothing grows with the rapid increase in accla...

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    'Grunge Black', Nouveau Grunge, Glitter Grunge – Grunge is back!

    When you think of 'grunge' you may think of tangled tresses, roots down to your eyeballs and a generally grimey, 'I was dragged out of a hedge backwards, pushed back in and then dragged out backwards once again' look - but now grunge has grown up. One black leather jacket, multiple fishnet tights (ripped), oversized slouchy knits and band tees (the bigger, the better), one pair of black biker boots (should...