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    Underwear is the new outerwear!

    Last Thursday evening high-end fashion magazine, Tatler held a pyjama party at Claridges Hotel; one of England's most ritzy establishments located in London's classy West End. Among the guests was Disney Channel sensation turned rebellious pop star Selena Gomez as well asglamour model Kelly Brook accompanied by hunky arm candy; Thom Evans and glamorous Oxford graduate Violet Henderson. With such an unusual dres...

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    Little Black Dress has gone stark raving Gaga!

    First dressing up as an animal who met its unfortunate fate on a butcher's slab and now as a lifesize onion"¦what ever will Lady Gaga do next? Melt herself down into a gravy-like liquid and write a song entitled 'Sunday Lunch at Grandma's'? Quite possibly. As difficult as it may be to comprehend, there is in fact a touch of method in Gaga's most recent madness. This garb was worn by Gaga when she made ...