lady gaga onion dress

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    Our favourite Lady not so Gaga in a lavish lace LBD

    The Little Black Dress office is divided about whether Lady Gaga's most recent racy lace creation is utter brilliance or sheer madness. Call us square but it's possibly the neon turquoise tresses that are fuelling our uncertainty? If this striking gown were photographed on any A Lister we would be in total awe but given Gaga's track history (remember that onion dress?), we're a little concerned for the reputatio...

    Categories: Celebrity dresses

    Little Black Dress has gone stark raving Gaga!

    First dressing up as an animal who met its unfortunate fate on a butcher's slab and now as a lifesize onion"¦what ever will Lady Gaga do next? Melt herself down into a gravy-like liquid and write a song entitled 'Sunday Lunch at Grandma's'? Quite possibly. As difficult as it may be to comprehend, there is in fact a touch of method in Gaga's most recent madness. This garb was worn by Gaga when she made ...