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    Fixing fashion - Sustainability Promise

        Okay. We get it. When it comes to being sustainable we admit to not being 100% perfect. Yet. But we are making baby steps. Small changes are afoot in the way we work with our brand partners to help our business become more green. To us, it’s not just a buzz word. It’s not just a gimmick to get a headline on social media. But we need your help.  So, what is Green Fashion – h...

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    'Eco Fashion'

    Sustainability in fashion is a notion being explored as a fascinating textile direction by designers, brands and customers alike in the industry at the minute. Although it is a concept that is currently very much in vogue and has been for the past few years, it needs to develop longevity and become a way of life rather than another fading fad in order to have any impact on our exhausted planet. The movement towa...