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    Patrizia Pepe

    Patrizia Pepe was born in 1933 from an ingenious collaboration between two Italian designers: Patrizia Bambi and Claudio Orrea who are also, incidentally, husband and wife. The romantic and business marriage combine harmoniously to create a fantastic design team; generating enviable success and popularity, that has secured its longevity. The range of Patrizia Pepe clothing grows with the rapid increase in accla...

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    Joe Komodo & K T Brown

    Hippy-chic has gone Haute couture this season, with ethical fashion taking over the runways; and it's no surprise, given the growing interest in the trend amongst both designers and consumers. Inspirational design team, K T Brown blend contemporary, international textile directions with traditional Sri Lankan designs to inject a boutique atmosphere into the Southern Asian fashion industry. K T Brown shy away fr...

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    FENG HO:

    Following a strict ethical policy lead to eco-conscious designer, Feng Ho, becoming a respected, listed member of the Ethical Fashion Forum and go on to win their Innovation Award last year.  She is also in the process of being involved in a project with fair trade India. Feng Ho follows a work ethic that employs timeless designs; combating disposable fads, eco textiles such as hemp, bamboo and organic cot...