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    Three Ways to Style...The Sophia Dress

    We recently introduced you to the fabulous model, writer and inspirational voice of empowering women, Rebecca Pearson in our Inspired by... series. After finding out all about Rebecca, her inspirations and her refreshing take on life and careers, we challenged her to style one of our classic dresses from the Little Black Dress collection in three totally different ways. Read on to find out how Rebecca ...

    Categories: Fashion Fix

    Inspired by...Model and Writer Rebecca Pearson

    The latest edition of our Inspired by... series features Rebecca Pearson, a feminist model and writer from London who is blazing a trail across the industry for her efforts in empowering women. Since becoming a respected advisor to fellow models about the truths of the modelling industry and how to stay healthy and happy, she has written columns for The Telegraph and The Huffington Post, appe...