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    2,4,6,8...Who do we appreciate? Diana Agron, that's who!

    The American actress who is well known for her role as Quinn Fabray in hit television musical series, Glee, swapped her red and white cheerleader garb for something more sophisticated for an appearance on The Late Show With David Letterman. Dianna's foxy frock may have been inspired by the sultry photoshoot that she posed for in Flaunt magazine recently and Team LBD are loving her new look! This figure-hugging...

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    'Eco Fashion'

    Sustainability in fashion is a notion being explored as a fascinating textile direction by designers, brands and customers alike in the industry at the minute. Although it is a concept that is currently very much in vogue and has been for the past few years, it needs to develop longevity and become a way of life rather than another fading fad in order to have any impact on our exhausted planet. The movement towa...