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    LBD Beauty Masterclass - Part 3

    Carly is back one last time (hopefully she'll be back again soon!) to show us the final part of the LBD Beauty Masterclass series. This one was worth the wait, we promise you. It involves our three favourite things: glitter, the colour pink and Carly....

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    Audrey Flicks and Marilyn Lips: A classic make-up tutorial

    Are you in love with the glamour and classic beauty of the Old Hollywood stars? If Audrey Hepburn is your style icon, you look to Ms Elizabeth Taylor for fuller brows and Marilyn Monroe for sex appeal then we have just the beauty looks for you. We caught up with the very knowledgeable make-up artist, Samantha Parker, a London Fashion Week proficient, to recreate all the classic make-up looks harking back to the ...