For a slice of retro flapper girl fashion look no further than the brilliant Boardwalk Empire, in its second series and showing on Sky this month. From flamboyant feathers to extravagant embellishment, the hit TV show has all a vintage flair fashionista could ask for. Boardwalk Empire is set in the 1920s; the Great War has ended, Wall Street is about to boom and alcohol has been banned across America in a bid to make workforces more productive and men less violent in the home. Cue an influx of crooks and criminals who find their home at ‘The World’s Playground’, a resort where rules do not apply and the line between gangster and politician blurs. The hit show follows the lives of a handful of women in what is truly a man’s world, where they live the life of Scott Fitzgererld's so-called 'beautiful but damned', sipping cocktails in swathes of sequins, amongst flurries of feathers and fur, cigarette holders in hand in stately surroundings. But their life is anything but as beautiful as their fabulous frocks: these women are either campaigning for the alcohol free Prohibition to continue in order to protect themselves from violent and drunken husbands, or sleeping with gangsters to settle their debts. This season we see the women of Boardwalk Empire conspiring for what they want and playing whatever part to get them just that. And lucky for us, they use their vintage attire to woo and convince – plain, homely wrap dresses for the wives pretending to be faithful in return for the power and security having a husband gives them, and flirty flapper frills for the mistresses of gangsters hoping to keep their families safe in a dangerous world. We love the fashion transformation of the female characters in Boardwalk Empire for season two, from demure tea dresses with collars and petticoats, hats and gloves, to risqué rising hemlines and fish net stockings as they move from wives and mothers to performers and mistresses. This series look out for the fabulous flapper dresses in deep reds, purples and blacks, with ever rising risque hemlines and lavish art deco inspired jewellery.