The man who orchestrates this acclaimed label and inspiration behind their memorable name; Amr Ali describes his design signature as 'sleek, sexy, modern classics' which feature 'bold, strong, solid colours'. The garments belonging to a Bodyamr collection will remain forever, in every woman's wardrobe, as a reliable style staple; everything that a little black dress should be, a timeless classic than can be resurrected and revamped to suit every succeeding season. We admire and concur to Amr's mantra and are head over heels with his new collection for Autumn/Winter 2011. In fact, we are loving the entire brand concept of the design house, which was launched in 2005 and can't tear our eyes away from their seasonal look book. Team LBD are most definitely not alone in the adoration for Bodyamr with their impressive celebrity following. Jemma Kidd, Claudia Schiffer and Cindy Crawford are amongst the entourage of fashionistas who regularly flaunt designs from Amr's decedent collections. Bodyamr Autumn/Winter 2011 We are beginning to wonder whether Amr has crawled inside the minds of Team LBD and bottled their little black philosophies, using them to inspire the sewing needles which so competently fabricate the delectable garments you can see pictured here. Amr turns his nurturing focus on the 'Bodyamr Woman' as opposed to the designs themselves, creating pieces, which best suit his conjuration of the archetypal, Bodyamr female described as being: 'sharp-witted woman who embraces both her masculine and feminine sides'. A women who's style is timeless due to attitude being prioritised over the emulation of trends- everything an LBD wearer should embrace and radiate. The Autumn/Winter 2011 collection has been inspired by espionage; the act of spying with a secretive disposition. The on-trend use of sheer chiffon manifests this notion, revealing only enough to tantalise the viewer but never expose enough to break their hypnosis. Cut glass and geometry also caught Amr's creative eye when concocting this fantastic collection, which makes itself heard through triangular cut-outs, reminiscent of angular shards of glass. The geometric, white paneling is a striking contrast against the deep ebony, creating a synched waist effect and adhering to the colour-blocking fever, which is encroaching on this season so readily. Bodyamr Autumn/Winter 2011 With their specialty in dramatic, draping gowns and cheeky, body-conscious dresses, there is no mistaking their main direction, which massages the designer eveningwear industry so sensuously.  The fluidity of their floor-trailing vestments caress the contours of the body whilst the second-skin midi dresses generate a lengthened physique and stylishly streamlined silhouette. Amr will be showcasing the most recent Bodyamr collection at London Fashion Week next month and Team LBD will be taking on the crowds to catch a glimpse of these beautiful designs for a sensational addition to our designer evening dress collection.