For most this unexpected heat wave is a blessing and a chance to show off a toned body (and don some seriously sexy LBDs!) but for those of us who are a little less comfortable flashing the flesh and revealing our less than model-perfect pins it can be hard to show off, however warm it gets. But no matter how seasonally shy you are by paying special attention to the clothes and all-important accessories that you choose for your body shape and by following Team LBD's simple tips you can stay on-trend for the season and appear slimmer at the same time, without feeling under-dressed. Hooray! How to elongate your legs

What to wear: *Heels. The oldest yet best trick in the book. Whether you have fuller legs or simply just want to add some height, heels are your new best friend. And whether they're skyscrapers, stilettos, espadrilles or wedges, any height will instantly make your legs appear longer and a few pounds thinner, so no excuses ladies. *Another great shoe tip is to wear nude or natural colour shoes to create the illusion of more leg and instantly make them appear longer and slimmer. Keep your clutch bag and jewellery neutral too so as not to draw attention away from your perfect pins. *Vertical stripes. They have a slimming effect and are totally on-trend this season so what better excuse to follow suite.

Lagom Georgia Dress, £120, Bourne Amber Clutch Bag in Dove, £132, Bourne Agnes Shoes, £154. Choosing the right dress: *The mini dress. Short dresses work wonders for your pins as they elongate the appearance of your legs. Complete your outfit with nude or natural heels for an extra leggy-look. *The Empire Line. Empire line dresses create the illusion that your legs start much higher up than they actually do thanks to their high waist line. What not to wear: *Avoid ankle boots or shoes with ankle straps as they will cut inches off your legs. For a flatter tummy

What to wear: *For those who suffer with the unfortunate 'tummy bulge' opt for black dresses as of course black is the most slimming colour of all and will make you look more streamlined. If you're brave enough to do a Kimmy or Gwynnie go for a high waisted skirt with a crop top or a cut-out dress (we love Hedonia for this!) as it actually gives the illusion of a trimmer tum! *Accessorise your neckline. Any accessories or jewellery on your neckline will take attention away from the tummy area, easily creating the illusion of a flatter and smaller torso. Chunky and bright accessories work best (think over the top chokers and super-size cocktail rings), but tops with patterns or embellishment above the bust can work well too. *Body control underwear. Magic knickers, Tummy Trimmers, Body suits. Whatever they're called they're technology at its finest. Body control underwear pinch you in in all the right places creating a sleeker and slimmer torso and a more defined waist. Embrace the power ladies.

Hedonia Coral Felicity Dress, £65, Lagom Ava Necklace, £60, Fiorelli Jet Glass Ring, £17.95. Choosing the right dress: *Tunic dresses have a high hem line which can cover up your middle, both taking the attention away from your tummy and making it appear flatter. *Panelled dresses. A godsend for tummy bulge. Thanks to Kate Winslet (and uber-designer Stella McCartney) the flattering frock made its A-list debut appearance at the 2011 Venice Film Festival and they certainly aren’t going anywhere soon. Their bold colour block centre extends the length of the body and takes inches off the tummy while allowing you to stay totally on-trend. What not to wear: *Avoid clingy dresses as they will only hug and draw attention to your unwanted tummy bulge. How to minimise hips

What to wear: *Keep colour up top. Wearing colour on your top half and dark on your bottom creates the illusion of slimmer hips and draws more attention to your bust. *Avoid waist belts as these will highlight what's below even more. Instead choose an over-sized bag to make you look more in proportion and accessorise up top with necklaces and earrings whilst leaving rings and bracelets at home. * Choose A-line cuts that aren't too tight in order to create an extra flattering effect.

Kate Fearnley Mae Dress, Was: £184, Now: 138, The Paula Bolton Collection Honeybee Earrings, £73, Alison van der Lande Daisy Doo Bag, £325. Choosing the right dress: *Maxi dresses. Single colour maxi dresses lengthen the body and help balance out your weight making your hips appear more narrow. *Prom dresses are great for covering up wide hips. They flatter your waist by pinching it in at the smallest part and hide large hips under their full skirt. *The wrap dress. One of fashion's most flattering creations courtesy of Diane von Furstenberg, the wrap dress enhances your bust whilst minising your hips. It's waist pinching design ensures a bust enhancing, shoulder accentuating and hip minimising effect to create one of woman’s most desirable figures. What not to wear: *Stay away from clothing with busy patterns and avoid horizontal stripes like the plague. They will only make you look bigger than you are. To find out more about body shape and the LBDs perfect for you whether you're a pear or a potato check out Team LBD's clever guide here.