It feels like Mad Men has been away from our screens for forever now (a year is a long time when you're waiting for Don!) but surely not enough time has passed for Peggy and the girls to have broken through the confines of the fraught Fifties (and not to mention those twin-sets) into Brigitte Bardot-style sexy Sixties attire? But time stops for no-one and the sumptuous swinging style of 1966 is irresistible to even the primmest of Don's Angels this season. It was relatively new fashion fanatic Megan Calvet (Don's latest wife) who caught Team LBD's eye last night when the first episode aired on Sky Atlantic when she slipped into this slinky little black number to throw her new husband a birthday party. For those of you waiting to watch the premiere we won't spoil it but this is one LBD display you won't want to miss! Teamed with full false eyelashes and a lick of eyeliner we'll be recreating this retro trend for the present day. As always our favourite LBD lover Joan was on hand to give us a healthy does of buxom beauty and curve-accentuating chic at its very best. This year the buxom beauty's figure-sculpting dresses showed a little more flesh as Sixties styles began to celebrate low-cut, cleavage revealing frocks. But this season the independent woman is accessorising with a baby. Ooh the drama! You can also expect a pop of print and colour from hard-working and usually conservative Peggy. We just love the head-turning orange and yellow floral print dress she wore to Don Draper's 40th birthday. She also wowed in a long black dress with a racy stripe all the way down it  which she wore during an office presentation- now we're talking! Other highlights include psychedelic go-go get ups, Madeline-esque hats and short shapely LBDs teamed with chic up-dos a la Audrey Hepburn. Shop Sixties Style here now or browse our 48 hour sale for some wacky wedges and marvellous minis suited to the stylish era.