With London Fashion Week well and truly wrapped up (and the shopping extravaganza that is London Fashion Weekend beginning!) it’s not just the fabulous little black dresses that have caught our eye. For atop each gourgeously clad model sits a meticulously crafted crop of hair; living proof that singular perfection does exist. ‘But how, how was it created?’ you might ask. What is involved in the execution of such an exquisite chignon, such a perfect plaited up-do, such slick locks and softer-than-soft cascading curls and how can us mere mortals recreate it? Here Team LBD get the tops tips to fashion-forward hairstyle from LFW's official sponsors, Toni & Guy... Catwalk: Yifang Wang Inspiration: Simple and chic. Think Jill Sander meets Helmut Lang: centre parted, slick and gorgeously glossy. This season Kate Middleton’s loose waves were shunned by Yifang Wang while pin-straight, sleek tresses heralded a polished-hippie vibe as the one to watch in forthcoming seasons. The key is oodles of shine. Styling: Prep hair with protein spray to create a light, hydrated natural sheen before parting the hair in the centre with a pintail comb to attain a clean, polished runway sheen. Take a horizontal section of hair across the head from either side of the ears, and divide this just above the ears. Smooth the remaining top section up and over the ear, pinning neatly at the nape. Finish with a misting of hairspray to hold rebellious strands in place and- voila! Wear with:  Complete this ultra-groomed look by donning a plain & simple, sophisticated LBD with a statement cinched-in waist; this CeMe London Caty Dress is day-to-night perfection. Catwalk: Melissa Diamantidi
Inspiration: The 90s Chignon is relaxed, elegant and ultra chic. This hairstyle harks back to the 90s’ golden styles- a sexy, sophisticated alternative to the ponytail: the low-sitting, swept up chignon is back. Styling: Begin by lathering your tresses in volumising mousse, then power dry for natural movement around the hairline. Next, nail this season’s off-centre mish-mash parting, covering the ears with the hair for a soft look. Tie a soft Chignon at the nape of the neck and pin to secure before pulling out strands of soft hair around the face for a relaxed, feminine finish, spritzing with hairspray for staying power. Wear with: This romantic yet sophisticated up-do deserves a pretty-chic dress to match. We recommend baring those shoulders in the Hedonia Teresa Dress for girly-girl elegance. Raffaele Asicone
Inspiration: The high-fashion version of wavy, tousled beach-babe locks, think beachy and aquatic with slim shape and delicate, spindly texture and still-wet sheen. Styling: The key to this look is avoiding volume and instead aiming for a sleek take on the beach-babe vibe. This means lots and lots of product! First, apply a curl defining product from the root, keeping close to the scalp and pulling out longer layers into a spindly texture. Follow this up by applying a good sea salt spray through the root, building up texture as you go. Finally, comb hair flat against your scalp and clip down just above the ear, before twisting strands from below the ear downwards with your fingers. Wear with: Team with these equally gorgeous Brandts Pearl, Opal & Amazonite Bagatelle Drop Earrings to really set off those delicate just-below-the-ear waves. MATH Inspiration: The 'It' Girl - confident and empowered. Inspiration for this hair look was taken from the MATH collection which showcased strong geometric shapes and boxy angles with a youthful sheen and a fierce Roman Gladitorial edge. Styling: Blast dry hair with a volumising mousse before pulling a triangle section from above each eye back towards the crown. Create two twists with each side of the underneath section, keeping it flat to the head, twisting inwards and pin in place before spritzing with hairspray to hold. Lightly backcomb the top section and brush back away from the face and down the head to conceal the twist. Mist lightly with hairspray and create boxy right angled edges using a pintail comb and a Hairdryer. Finish with a shine mist for a luxe high-shine finish.   Wear with: This look screams sharp-edge ferocity that will shuttle you into the spotlight at lightning speed; strut your stuff in killer heels and this boxy, geometric print Silence Beyond Syllables Shift Dress for one wild night out, or opt for this Gorgeous Couture Ferrara Dress for streamline, grown-up style with a futuristic twist. Find out more about Toni & Guy's designer looks at London Fashion Week here.