The prom dress. One of the most important dresses in a young girls life and one of those occasions that will be remembered forever thanks to Dad's armed with cameras and the invention of Facebook. Get your prom style right and forever remember your school years through rose tinted glasses, get it wrong and prepare to be reminded of it well in to your thirties. Thankfully with Team LBD's help you won't be wrestling very bad prom night photos away from the hallway or having a mammoth untagging session the next day. Here's our golden rules for choosing the perfect prom dress... 1. Think like your grandparents. Stay with us here! Whilst you may think now is the time to flash your flesh and show off a tanned and toned body you will live to regret your choice. When choosing your prom dress imagine what your elderly relatives would say. If they'd think it was too short, chances are it is and if there's too much cleavage on show chances are your teachers will make you wear a jumper all night anyway. Looking back on your younger, probably more shapely self in years to come in a sophisticated and demure prom dress style, you'll thank us. 2. Dress for your shape. A lesson we all wish we'd learned in time for prom night is how to dress to flatter your body. Ignore what your best friend who's got legs that go on forever and a washboard stomach is wearing if you're own limbs are a little less model-like and steer clear of the wiggles dress if you and the cast of Mad Men don't share the same assets. Work out which fruit you are in the body shape bowl and then dress to compliment it. Read our feature here to discover your shape and the prom dresses that will suit you best. 3. Reflect your personality. If you're a rockabilly by day a tight, short body-con dress probably isn't the prom dress for you. Similarly if classic and sexy is your go-to Saturday night look then a colour-pop frou frou number won't exactly scream you when the yearbook pictures are released. At we've got a huge range of long, short, bright, black, chic and fun prom dresses so you're guaranteed to find one that showcases YOU. 4. Accessories. The dress is the main event when it comes to your prom. But that doesn't mean you should forget accessories. A great pair of shoes and some well-chosen jewellery will give your prom dress that extra special feel. Shop our prom accessories here. 5. Will you wear it again? Does it matter? Nope! This is your prom. It's an event you'll remember forever and what your wear will be a big part of that. Some of Team LBD still have their prom dresses hanging in their wardrobes and needless to say we've not worn ours since that special night. Will we be parting with the dress in question any time soon? Nope! 6. Shoes. Heel height is important. At the tender age of 16 none of Team LBD were adept at dancing the night away in six inch stilettos and chances are you aren't either. Don't let your love of sexy shoes get in the way of having a good time. Opt for a midi heel with a platform for security or play it safe in this season's heel height of choice, the kitten heel. Going bare foot is so not a good look but not being able to enjoy your prom night because your shoes are too high is even worse. 7. Length. Whilst we're advocates of dressing for yourself and not the rest of the year group it's wise to do your research on the length everyone else is going for. You don't want to be the only one wearing a full-on formal full-length gown when everyone else went short and sweet and similarly it'd be a shame to miss out on a Princess-style long prom dress just because you assume short is safe. Then take a look at our short prom dresses or long prom dresses to find the one for you. 8. Fit. Sizes can vary quite vastly when it comes to occasion wear. Boned or corseted evening dresses might come up smaller than you'd imagined and swing style fits may appear bigger. It really is a case of trying a couple of sizes and styles to see which fits best. And don't be afraid to go up or down a size or two: it's no reflection on you; different brands and styles of dress will vary in the size department. Remember at it's FREE delivery across all our brands and you're welcome to order, try them out and return anything that's not quite right for your prom. 9. Budget. Whether you're lucky enough to have your parent's credit card (the £300+ designer prom dresses are right this way...) or are challenging yourself to look hot for a lot less when it comes to buying your prom dress, we've got something for every budget. 10. Love your prom dress. If you love it, buy it! It might be a little more expensive than you wanted it to be, it might be a bit glitzier, but go with your gut as it'll show on your face when you're wearing the prom dress of your dreams. Shop all prom dresses at here. Or drop our assistant editor and resident style expert Gemma an e-mail with your prom dress questions: [email protected]