Fresh bride Zara Phillips played to tradition this weekend, keeping it classic in a virginal white wedding dress as she became Mrs. Mike Tindall after a peck on the lips and a great deal of gushing. However, you would be surprised at the volume of jittery nearly-weds who are opting for something a bit more midnight majestic. Team LBD loves all things outlandish, black wedding dresses are no exception and with the Gothic trends taking the runways by storm this season, maybe it's time to reconsider your wedding wardrobes. The mysterious love affair between a woman and her little black dress cannot be denied, watching her sashay as the ebony fabric caresses her contours, seducing her into a state of pleasure which she will only ever fall deeper and deeper. There are few who can break the enchanting bond between a spellbound woman and her little black dress but even when she does let that luxurious fabric cascade down her body in abandonment, she knows it has served her well. Is this not how every women should feel on the eve of their first night as Mr & Mrs- one last fling with that unparalled gown until she gives herself exclusively to her husband, 'til death do them part?

The Couture Company enshroud their brides in exquisite, bespoke dresses that seduce with an indescribable alchemy, taking a tight grasp on the weakening customer, lacing their blood with a merciless love potion. With 20 years experience in this design divination, Joanne Bromley knows every weak spot of a woman, where to add vintage embellishment and couture detailing that will lull her into a state of absolute submission. Joanne's discerning taste and stylish flare allow her divine collections to constantly receive the kiss of life and evolve into contemporary garments that allure custom. This delectable gown is just one example of Joanne's design abilities and the witchcraft that is performed by her accomplished team. The collections are inspired by classic, vintage, retro and alternative styles with upmost respect for individualism and the unique woman. Image courtesy of Rebecca Parker Photography Another unconventional wedding fanatic who respects the individual is Kat Williams, more commonly known as the Rock n Roll Bride, who runs an extremely lucrative and successful blog about alternative weddings. Kat's blog showcases real weddings with a quirky twist that don't mould into the typified cookie-cutter that shapes the wedding industry so rigidly. The Rock n Roll Bride blog is experiencing increasing popularity since it's rebranding in January 2009 and Kat actually featured in this months Marie Claire magazine. Kat documents the wedding of those who create a ceremony that is unique to them with all the quirky trimmings. She pushes the notion that it is not about being rebellious and anarchistic but concocting a wedding that reflects you and you as couple and the dresses are certainly no exception. Lisa and Alex's Las Vegas and ten-pin bowling party wedding is one unique ceremony that features on Kat's blog. The blooming bride, wore a vintage-inspired retro dress that was predominantly black and was adorned with flattering red accents. The bride explains to Kat how' somehow every shade of white, ivory or cream just didn't work' but when she put on that black dress, it all fell into place.

Image courtesy of: Steep Street Photography Candy Anthony who creates 'quintessentially British, vintage inspired bridal and eveningwear' designed Lisa's stunning dress which was typical of his 1950s and 1960s style designs. The dresses all feature plunging or sweetheart necklines, waistbands nipped in with sashes or bow belts and calf kissing, swishing skirts. The colour black exudes connotations of sordid affairs, sophistication, sin and sex and we challenge you to find a woman that would not want to feel all of these heated emotions on the most romantic day and night of her life. Black is the new white when it comes to weddings. Maybe those lovestruck celebs like Kim Kardashian, who will be walking down the aisle in the near future, will join the dark side too.