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Article: 10 Best Dress Trends of the Decade

10 Best Dress Trends of the Decade
Fashion Fix

10 Best Dress Trends of the Decade

10 Best Dress Trends of the Decade

Come take a walk down memory lane with us. The decade is nearly over. The countdown to the New Year has started. But what will we remember about the last 10 years? From Lady Gaga's colourful creations with her tongue-in-cheek red carpet style to the ultimate Royal wedding dress worn by Kate Middleton, we look back on 10 best dress trends of the decade. Read on. . .

10 Best Dress Trends

Trends come and go. But we all know fashion reflects culture, right? When human beings are feeling down, they look to culture to brighten things up. Which kinda explains why we currently wear brighter colours and have an obsession with sparkles and sequins. Brexit, politics, cash-flow, uni fees and childcare issues. These are all real problems. Often outside our control. But when it comes to choosing our clothes, we like to create and take a steer. In the Great Depression of the 1920s, women wore glamour and changed the world with flapper dresses and headbands. They cut their hair and threw their jazz hands in the air for independence.


 Now we are entering a new era, 100 years on from the Gatsby Parties. We say goodbye to 2010 2020 with fond memories (well nearly depending on where you sit with Donald Trump, BREXIT, the environment and people fleeing oppression). It's been a decade of great influence from strong, feisty females such as Pink, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Kim Kardashian and even Madonna. Closer to home we have witnessed a few royal weddings and gaped in awe at red carpet celebrity dresses one of which by our very own Alesha Dixon wearing one of our dresses in 2017. So here's our decade overview - let us know your thoughts. . .

September 2010: Lady Gaga wore a "meat dress" to the VMAs

No one really knew what to expect of Lady Gaga at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards, but it certainly wasn't wearing a dress made entirely of raw beef while accepting her award for Video of the Year. The Å“meat dress was instantly iconic, earning a spot in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and being named by TIME as a fashion statement. In 2010, Rhianna was also dominating the charts with her Only Girl in the World track and the Ipad was born. We don't do dresses made of meat but you can shop fabulous with free UK delivery

April 2011: Kate Middleton and The Royal Wedding

With over 22 million people watching The Royal Wedding, Kate Middleton makes dress history in April 2011 with plunging lace bodice and flared skirt. As people discovered social ways to keep fit by Å“planking, bookworms became obsessed with our final instalment of Harry Potter. And, we continue to talk about Kate's dress to this day, three royal children later. For brides out there, check out our wedding shop full to the brim with all your Big Day needs including unique bridesmaid dresses, mother of the bride outfits, bridal gowns and wedding guest wow.

2012: Gangham Style and Angelina Jolie Goes Punk at the Met Ball

Whilst the world goes crazy for Gangham style dancing, Angelina pays a nod to punk fashion at the Met Ball in one of her iconic looks an LBD. It's a stunning thigh high split maxi dress with attitude and it causes a stir in a decade that embraces the selfie and saw the birth of social media influencers. Shop our black maxi dresses for equally alluring vibes  

2013: the End of the Mayan Calendar and Pitch Perfect - 10 Best Dress Trends of the Decade

Meanwhile, everyone actually did think the world would end in December 2012 the end of the Mayan calendar. But guess what? It didn't end after all. Phew! 2013 dawned bright and clear and the world fell in love with Anna Kendrick and the Cup Song from Pitch Perfect. The film was also a great leveller for plus size women everywhere as Rebel Wilson plays Fat Amy, a woman with boundless talent and confidence unafraid to express herself through fashion. We're loving the gold mini dress, perfect! Shop our mini dresses for perfect Saturday night style

2014 Ice Bucket Challenge

Yep. If you have a Facebook account, then you must remember 2014 being the year everyone threw ice cold water over themselves for charity. Kendal Jenner wore this amazing fishtail dress for the Met Gala in 2014. It was strapless and a trend inspiring prom teenagers for prom parties for years to come. Beyonce also plays a key role in culture pictured at The Met Gala in 2014 wearing this amazing dress. At the start of the decade, music was not trapped on endless playlists but more fluid. We still got our news fix from TV or newspapers, albeit a more refined online version. Social media hadn't exploded without regulation. Life was simpler. Discover our amazing fishtail dresses for prom style glamour.

2015: MTV Music Video Awards

It was the award ceremony celebrating the mini dress. Legs where everywhere on the red carpet this year with Miley Cyrus proving that less is more with a vast array of wardrobe changes each more revealing than the last. Meanwhile, Beyonce turns heads in this fabulous creation. . . Caption: Beyonce in THAT dress! Beyonce strikes gold in this stunning embellished dress in the same year One Direction splits and Instagram has a facelift changing from a quirky social ap to a major advertising medium birthing an entirely new economy. It was also the same year Disney launched Cinderella starring Lily James sparking a whole new Strictly come Dancing ballgown era. Discover simply divine ballgowns for your own Cinderella moments.

2016 Kim Kardashian brings back the Bodycon dress

In 2016, Kim adopts a whole new fashion style and goes more 1990s with a bodycon shape. Justin Bieber encourages us to Love Yourself whilst Adele says Hello, 2016 was the year Leanoardo Di Caprio celebrates winning his first Oscar for The Revenant. Michelle Obama stuns this year in a Brandell Maxwell white long dress. Check out our bodycons and layer with a jacket for a great spring vibe.

2017 Me Too: Celebrities take on Trump at the 2017 Emmys

As Ed Sheran continues to storm our playlists, American celebrities take on Trump at the 2017 Emmys. It's the year when red carpets are dominated by black dresses as The Me Too movement is born. See Emma Watson adapt to the 2017 MTV awards dress code. See our LBD section - we love black with everything! Caption: Emma Watson and black dresses dominate red carpets in 2017

2018: Another Royal Wedding

It was a year to remember as Harry married Meghan and now there's another royal baby. They beat Prince William's wedding with 29 million TV viewers wow! How lucky are we to have witnessed two amazing royal weddings in one decade? Meanwhile, we listened to Sam Smith all summer with his Å“Promises and swooned when Lady Gaga graced the red carpet with a pink frill ballgown for A Star is Born. And of course, we never tried the Ke Ke, Å“In My feelings Challenge - no sir, not us. Apparently jumping out of a moving car whilst dancing to Drake is not a safe thing to do, doh. Caption : Another Royal wedding in 2018 and Lady Gaga (again)

Black holes in 2019, An Egg and J Lo's Jungle Dress

So, there we have it. It's now 2019 and just what have we done lately? This year we saw the first pictures of the Black Hole and then saw JLo reinvented on the big screen and to be seen in THAT jungle dress by Versace wow! Also, this year an egg beat Kylie Jenner in an Instagram game for the most liked photo on Instagram with 53 million likes. Kylie smashed an egg in revenge I guess this is the year of human sophistication, right? We may not have this Versace dress, but check out our evening dresses for stunning options to turn heads. . .

2020: What does the future hold for fashion?

And finally, what does 2020 look like? I guess we are going to bring about big changes this decade with more sustainable fashion. As the 1920s created massive change, 2020 may also be a decade of change. Who knows we may be wearing dresses styled from water, or a dress that alters its shape according to sound: these are all predictions. No honestly.

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