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ANGELEYE are a luxury and unique special occasion brand perfect for bridesmaids and weddings. The UK based designer specialises in... Read More

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ANGELEYE Green Bridesmaid Embellished Halter Neck Maxi DressANGELEYE Green Bridesmaid Embellished Halter Neck Maxi Dress
Angeleye Lavender mesh sleeve cocktail dressAngeleye mesh sleeve cocktail dress in lavender
AngelEye Green Sequin Flutter Sleeve Cocktail DressAngelEye Green Sequin Flutter Sleeve Cocktail Dress
Angel Eye Silver Cross Over Sequin DressAngel Eye Silver Sequin Faux Wrap Cocktail Dress
AngelEye Multi HalterNeck Midi DressANGELEYE  Multi Halter Neck Mini Dress
AngelEye Black One Shoulder Cocktail DressANGELEYE  One Shoulder BodyCon Wrap Dress
AngelEye Baby Blue Halter Neck Maxi DressAngelEye Baby Blue Halter Neck Maxi Dress
AngelEye Black Wide Leg One Shoulder JumpsuitAngelEye Black Wide Leg One Shoulder Jumpsuit
AngelEye Black Wideleg JumpsuitANGELEYE Black Wideleg Jumpsuit
ANGELEYE Black Wideleg Jumpsuit Sale price£59.00 GBP
ANGELEYE Blue Tie Dye Wrap Dress - Little Black DressANGELEYE Blue Tie Dye Wrap Dress - Little Black Dress
ANGELEYE Blue Tie Dye Wrap Dress Sale price£57.00 GBP
AngelEye Brown Halter Neck Faux Wrap DressANGELEYE Brown Halter neck Wrap Dress
Angeleye Navy Sequin Long Sleeve Maxi DressANGELEYE Bridesmaid Embellished Sequin Maxi Dress in Navy
AngelEeye Burgundy Lace Sleeve Cocktail DressAngelEye Burgundy Lace Sleeve Cocktail Dress
AngelEye Burgundy Mesh Sleeve Sequin DressAngelEye Burgundy Mesh Sleeve Sequin Dress
ANGELEYE Navy Ciandra Halterneck Maxi Dress-0ANGELEYE Navy Ciandra Halterneck Maxi Dress-60641
ANGELEYE Navy Poppy Embellished Maxi Dress-0ANGELEYE Navy Poppy Embellished Maxi Dress-105751
ANGELEYE Grey Poppy Embellished Maxi Dress-0ANGELEYE Grey Poppy Embellished Maxi Dress-105731
ANGELEYE Black Knit Midi Dress-0ANGELEYE Black Knit Midi Dress-94536
ANGELEYE Black Knit Midi Dress Sale price£42.00 GBP
Angeleye grey lace beaded bodice long maxi dressANGELEYE Grey Bella Embellished Maxi Dress-60132
ANGELEYE Green Poppy Embellished Maxi Dress-0ANGELEYE Green Poppy Embellished Maxi Dress-105760
ANGELEYE Nude Poppy Embellished Maxi Dress-0ANGELEYE Nude Poppy Embellished Maxi Dress-110123
ANGELEYE Green Lucy Embellished Maxi Dress-0ANGELEYE Green Lucy Embellished Maxi Dress-105699
ANGELEYE Navy Mira Embellished Maxi Dress-0ANGELEYE Navy Mira Embellished Maxi Dress-60620
ANGELEYE Navy Piana Sequin Maxi Dress-0ANGELEYE Navy Piana Sequin Maxi Dress-110208
ANGELEYE Beige Embellished Halter Midi Dress-0ANGELEYE Beige Embellished Halter Midi Dress-102688
ANGELEYE Silver Lucy Embellished Maxi Dress-0ANGELEYE Silver Lucy Embellished Maxi Dress-73685
AngelEye Burgundy Halter Neck Maxi DressAngelEye Burgundy Halter Neck Maxi Dress
ANGELEYE Emerald Piana Sequin Maxi Dress-0ANGELEYE Emerald Piana Sequin Maxi Dress-110184
AngelEye Burgundy Sequin Flutter Sleeve Cocktail DressAngelEye Burgundy Sequin Flutter Sleeve Cocktail Dress
Angeleye Nude Sequin Maxi Dress-0Angeleye Nude Sequin Maxi Dress-117357
Angeleye Nude Sequin Maxi Dress Sale price£84.00 GBP
ANGELEYE Nude Ava Sequin Maxi Dress-0ANGELEYE Nude Ava Sequin Maxi Dress-110228
ANGELEYE Navy Ava Sequin Maxi Dress-0ANGELEYE Navy Ava Sequin Maxi Dress-110217
ANGELEYE Dark Grey Piana Sequin Maxi Dress-0ANGELEYE Dark Grey Piana Sequin Maxi Dress-110195
ANGELEYE Blue Poppy Embellished Maxi Dress-0ANGELEYE Blue Poppy Embellished Maxi Dress-105741
ANGELEYE Beige Mira Sequin Maxi Dress-0ANGELEYE Beige Mira Sequin Maxi Dress-105690
ANGELEYE Blue Sequin Stripe Mini Dress-0ANGELEYE Blue Sequin Stripe Mini Dress-102536
ANGELEYE Nude Embellished Mini Dress-0ANGELEYE Nude Embellished Mini Dress-101857
AngelEye Black Lavve Faux Wrap Cocktail DressAngelEye Black Lace Faux Wrap Cocktail Dress
ANGELEYE Navy Embellished Halter Midi Dress-0ANGELEYE Navy Embellished Halter Midi Dress-102678
ANGELEYE Dark Grey Embellished Halter Midi Dress-0ANGELEYE Dark Grey Embellished Halter Midi Dress-102564
Gold AngelEye Silver faux wrap dressGold Wrap Dress by Angeleye
ANGELEYE Lavender Sequin Midi Dress-0ANGELEYE Lavender Sequin Midi Dress-102745
ANGELEYE Lavender Clara Sequin Maxi Dress-0ANGELEYE Lavender Clara Sequin Maxi Dress-64151
LBD Exclusive Blush Lucy JumpsuitLBD Exclusive Blush Lucy Jumpsuit
LBD Exclusive Blush Lucy Jumpsuit Sale price£85.00 GBP