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Article: 10 Secret Bars To Visit Across The UK


10 Secret Bars To Visit Across The UK

Secret bars are all the range right now, and we all love to be in the know when it comes to hidden treasures. To help you discover the very best of them? We've handpicked the finest from across the UK. Here's 10 secret bars to visit across the UK. Now you and the girls can head out for drinks and brighten your social media feeds with some of the country's most exclusive top-secret locations.

Victorian Bath House - London

Tucked away in the heart of London's Bishopsgate is the lavish Victorian Bath House. Available by appointment only, these purveyors of old-school glamour boast plush velvet interiors, decadent light fixtures and extravagant gin-based creations behind the bar. From the unique exterior of the building to the opulent hideaway that lies below, it's certainly one of London's most Insta-worthy secret bars.

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Callooh Callay - London

Besides having a name that's really fun to say? Callooh Callay is a sexy spot for cocktail sipping. Offering the perfect escape from bustling Old Street, the bar features a menu of handcrafted creations from master mixologists. To top it off? Discover a secret bar hidden behind a wardrobe... if you can find it that is.

Keystone Crescent - London

Adding an extra touch of mystique to your night out, Keystone Crescent is only accessible with a secret code. What will you find once inside? A cool, laid-back and sociable setting for schmoozing with a martini in hand. Populated by the city's stylish young professional crowd, it's a no-frills kind of place that keeps things simple and effortlessly chic, making for a perfect after-work drinks location.

Chelsea Prayer Room at Goat - London

Housed in the heart of Chelsea, GOAT is a gorgeous bar and restaurant with many talents. The main draw here? The Chelsea Prayer Room, a speakeasy-style hideaway that you're only available to enter with an escort. Simply check in at reception and be guided to the hidden chamber before entering a passcode. Once the door opens, you'll discover a Prohibition-inspired den where jazz music flows just as smoothly as the hand-crafted cocktails.

The Gobpsy - London

If you want to go one step further with the Gatsby glam, The Gobpsy is your gal. Oozing a sultry 20s mystique, the secret bar features velvet furnishings, dimmed lighting and metal accents. To accompany, a menu of cocktails echo the past with monthly fresh creations, all topped off with fat-washed spirits, homemade brines and shrubs, along with house-infused delicacies. Just find the stairs down the vintage barber shop and you're in.

Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town - London

You may be familiar with The Breakfast Club, but it's not just all-day brekkie that the quirky venue specializes in. Lying behind a refrigerator door at the Spitalfields site is The Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town, a brooding basement filled with vintage furnishings inspired by Canadian whisky lodges. To experience the bar's signature drinks, make a cheeky request to see the mayor and you'll be guided on through.

Gin-House Burlesque - London

In the mood for something a little cheeky? Gin-House Burlesque is a roaring 20s-inspired party haven where London's premium vintage showgirls display their talents. Experience an evening of gin-soaked burlesque, circus, magic and vaudeville delights at this secret speakeasy. To get there? Make your way to The King's Head Members Club, wave your ticket, and you'll gain exclusive entry for the occasion.


The Dead Canary - Cardiff

London isn't the only place where you'll find gorgeous hidden drinking dens. Offering a fix from the mundane, The Dead Canary is a gem in Cardiff's crown. Boasting extensively trained, award-winning bar staff that knock up premium cocktails (using ingredients from their in-house lab) the seating-only bar is one of the best in Wales. Evenings here consist of jazz, folk and 50s soundtracks, creating a decadent escape from the city.

Science & Industry - Manchester

Manchester's Northern Quarter is famously trendy, with bars championing a sense of urban chic. Tucked behind a secret door within dive bar Cane and Grain is the gorgeous Science & Industry. After heading up a flight of stairs, you'll find a sleek Prohibition-inspired retreat where the cocktails are made with an experimental edge (think bee-pollen-infused creations and sour-style tipples with feta and tomato pisco) alongside regular live music sessions.

Panda & Sons - Edinburgh

Panda & Sons may be inconspicuous at first, but once you discover what lies beyond the barbershop exterior, you'll revel in the bar's old-school charm. Decorated with wooden interiors, cosy seating and knicknacks along the walls, it's a beloved secret thanks to its atmosphere and incredible cocktail selection. Indulge in mixes of barrel-smoked spirits and orange peel twists to see why it's been voted one of the world's best bars.

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