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Article: Alexa Chung in velvet black dress by Chanel

Alexa Chung in velvet black dress by Chanel
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Alexa Chung in velvet black dress by Chanel

We couldn't be prouder to be British, as Alexa Chung showcased her individual quirky Brit style in a gorgeous velvet black dress by Chanel at the 7th Annual Tribeca Film Festival's Chanel Artist's Dinner in New York this week. The shift dress consisted of a quilted square weaving and tiny layers of feminineruffles at the hem. Ms. Chung added a pair of black opaque tights and some black strappy sandals. The overall look was finished off with...of course more Chanel! A tiny chain strap cross-body Chanel bag balanced on the hip of the style maven and Team LBD are the first to admit that we're absolutely green with envy. To channel the Chanel without the hefty price tag, take a look at Team LBD's top wardrobe selection:

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