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Article: Top tips for a stylist Christmas: Claire Wacey

Top tips for a stylist Christmas: Claire Wacey
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Top tips for a stylist Christmas: Claire Wacey

Fun, vivacious and cool are just a few words that spring to mind when we think of stylist Claire Wacey. And after meeting her at our LBD Collection launch party in London a couple of months ago we just knew we had to do something with her. An expert in dressing for your body shape and a celebrity stylist, Claire Wacey gives us her top LBDs for your shape in this exclusive video and how to style your Christmas party dress for a multitude of occasions...

Christmas Stylist Tips

Want to know more about Claire? From her run in with Gary Barlow's nether regions to her top tips for dressing this Christmas, whether you're hopping from the boardroom to the bar or need a clever fix for your figure, read our interview for a giggle and some timeless style tips for all your seasonal soirees.

How did you get in to styling?

I have always been obsessed with clothing and fashion from a very early age and after studying textiles and art seriously considered going into fashion! But an amazing acting opportunity came up and the fashion took a bit of a side line whilst I pursued acting for a few years. It was only when I started being more interested in the costume of characters rather than the role, that I realised my one true love really was fashion. So I gave up the acting and went back to school to study styling.

What's the coolest thing you've done through being a stylist?

Well I once got to see Gary Barlow in his under-wear whilst dressing him for a channel 4 job. Being a big Take That fan it took every ounce of my being not to stare!

What are your favourite trends for this Christmas party season?

Well since being introduced to Little Black Dress, I ought to say the LBD… but I think that sequins are always important to embrace in the festive season as they are so difficult to pull off at any other time of year, that is why I love the Carrie and the Rita dresses so much. But for a more understated look I think classic silhouettes, red lips and a bit of faux fur will always have the ultimate wow factor during Christmas party season.

Which was your favourite dress to wear from the LBD Collection?

I felt a million dollars in the Rita dress, but I would love to try the Marilyn dress. Below Claire wears the LBD Collection Rita dress, £110 three ways. Scroll down for her video to see how she takes five gorgeous LBDs and transforms them from the perfect day outfit to dazzling evening ensemble. the rita dress

What was your first fashion job?

My first fashion job was as an intern for Nicky Hambleton-Jones, after I had studied a personal styling course with her company. But my first solo, fashion styling job was actually creating book covers for Penguin Books.

What are the best bits of your job?

The people I get to work with are all so different and inspiring so they are a big plus, but in all honesty it is the constant creativity and having to think on your feet.

What style of Christmas party dress would you recommend for the following body shapes…

Apple - I would suggest a dress with ruching on the waistline or a dress like the Rita dress which elongates the waist line. Pear – the Marilyn, Victoria and Zooey are great for Pear shape d ladies. Athletic – I would opt for the Chloe or the Charlize for athletic gals. Hourglass – The Coco, Alexa or Diana would look great on an hourglass Petite – The Kate, Audrey and Carrie dress will be fab on petites. Shop all the dresses recommended above here.

Who are your top celebrities that always look impeccable on the red carpet?

Well I think our British girls always do us proud on the red carpet! Emma Watson always does great things on the red carpet and will often take a risk but without loosing her dignity, unlike some young starlets! Michelle Dochery has been wearing some pretty fab frocks recently although one of my all time favourite red carpet moments was Cameron Diaz on the red carpet in a mans shirt with a maxi dress and a necklace made out of paperclips. No joke, she rocked it! claire wacey stylist

Who would be your top three celebrities to style?

I'd love to dress the Duchess of Cambridge to add a bit of fun and sexy factor, Tanya Burr for the same reason as before and Danni Minogue because she is stunning and a risk taker.

Describe your own personal style in three words.

That's a difficult one to answer as it is really dependent on my mood… but if I had to pick three words they would be quirky, colourful (I say sat in monochrome today) and changeable.

What does the little black dress make you think of and why?

It makes me think of Christian Dior and the full skirted silhouette and then it jumps to the iconic Audrey Hepburn look in Breakfast at tiffanys! An LBD is the perfect garment to express your personality, it can say glamour just as quickly as it can say Grunge!!

Do you have an LBD icon?

No, but a dress making icon for me is Vivienne Westwood.

What's your go-to Saturday night dress and why?

It would be a simple shift that cinches in my waist and that I can accessorise to suit my mood!

What are your top five places to go out?

J sheekey's is my all time favourite restaurant, Cocktails at the Baufort Bar at the SAVOY, my local pub The Kings Arms for a glass of vino and a Thai dinner, K Box with my girls for Karaoke and I love the SHARD for its views!

What's your tipple of choice?

Depends on my mood, I will be honest I love a cocktail and recently tried out some fab recipes on my You Tube channel, the best is a twinkle! Gin and slim with a wedge of lime always goes down well or a glass of Champagne. Watch more of Claire's videos on her Youtube channel here and for more style tips and updates on the glamorous world of styling follow her on Twitter @Waceystyle.

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