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Article: Celebrities wearing Little Black Dresses

Celebrities wearing Little Black Dresses

Celebrities wearing Little Black Dresses

Celebrities wearing little black dresses are just the thing to brighten up our January. Whether on holiday or the red carpet, we just can't get enough of famous people wearing our beloved LBD. In fact, fashion forecasters predict 2022 is the year for vintage looks and getting back to our collectionss. And, as Karl Lagerfeld said: "One is never under dressed or over dressed with a Little Black Dress." It's time for a new year, new you kind of look. Our editor's pick of the best celebrities wearing little black dresses will inspire you to at least make sure your wardrobe is ready for all 2022 has to offer.

Zendeya celebrities wearing little black dresses

Caption: Zendaya brings her own style wearing black dresses

Zendaya - Her own sense of style wearing the LBD

Firstly, let's start with the new kid on the block, Zendaya. The Hollywood actor is just 25 and is already stacking up a mantle of awards. And her unique fashion sense is also turning heads. Wearing a selection of black dresses, we see Zendaya's looks evolving from her child model dancer background into an elegant and extremely influential icon. Here we see Zendaya pairing edgy boots with her Bardot fit and flare mini black dress. We're loving the high low dip hem gown with dramatic bow. This outfit says "I've arrived" without being too out there. Her more elegant, and recent image shows the singer's love of 90's iconic fashion. The simple, clean cut lines on this long sleeve maxi dress whispers class and shows off her long silhouette to perfection. And finally, her little black party dress vibe is perfect for her date night with Spiderman Tom Holland (yes we have couple goal envy here)

Beyonce Celebrities wearing little black dresses blog

Caption: Stealing the limelight is Beyonce as irrefutable Queen of the red carpet.

Beyonce - All the Single Ladies (And everyone else) Take Notes

So, if we're talking about celebrities wearing black dresses, we just can't forget the irrefutable Queen of the red carpet, Beyonce. Often seen wearing sequins and black, the famous singer and celebrity mum shows a tireless energy reflected in her unqiue fashion expression. Here, we've selected three of our best memories of the star. Which is your favourite? The black metallic mini dress shouts rock star at the MTV awards. Whilst the centre image is a sultry mix of class and glamour. Try similar red carpet wow in the plunging necklines and side split design found in our prom selection of dresses.

Hayley celebrities wearing little black dresses

Caption: Hayley Bieber dressing up with her own twist on the little black dress

Hayley Bieber - Move over Justin, we want more

Hayley and Justin are evolving their style and we just can't wait for more! The celebrity duo are known for complementary styling and a minimal approach. Whether she's undercover or in the limelight, Hayley opts for black more often than not. Here, we see her showing her midriff in an eye watering two piece. Try similar styles perfect for the warmer spring evenings from our Nazz Collection of party outfits. Her blazer black sequin dress is a triumph teamed with a large belt to cinch in her tiny waist. And finally we see her here in a bandau mini dress, both stunning and minimal showing off her sky high legs. Notice how all accesories are kept minimal, with no fuss or elaborate attention to anything but the dress. Make up is barely there. She lets the little black dress do all the talking. Our sort of girl. Shop our Black Dresses

Victoria Beckham Celebrities wearing little black dresses

Caption: The British designer and pop star is often seen wearing an LBD

Victoria Beckham - Posh Spice British Fashion at its Best

Finally, what can we say about Victoria Beckham? A well respected designer in her own right, the pop star knows just how to create the right atmosphere in a room. Her brand of simple yet elegant is something we can all learn from. Again the clean cut lines of an LBD are her go-to wardrobe essential. Keeping add on accessories barely there, Victoria knows how to let her little black dress stand out from the crowd. Her elegant Audrey Hepburn style is now something she is famous for. Try our black dresses for a similar look and feel perfect for all your occasions. Whether it's an iconic 1950's vintage black LBD like our Isabella, or a more asymmetric cut aka our Gabrielle Dress, we know a black dress can not only create a sense of self but can also give confidence making you feel empowered. You'll be ready to take on all those challenges ahead.

In summing up, we just can't wait to see what 2022 brings. As we enter the new year, we won't claim it. We will tread carefully so as not to break anything. And with hope in our hearts we will quietly get our style (other words optional) together. And maybe, just maybe we will be free of this pandemic and start living (whispering whilst having all fingers and toes crossed).


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Celebrities wearing little black dresses blog 2022

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