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Article: How to help your daughter find a flattering prom dress

How to help your daughter find a flattering prom dress
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How to help your daughter find a flattering prom dress

Need help finding the perfect prom dress? The special time has arrived; the moment your daughter has suddenly switched from little girl to young woman. When did that happen? Prom is an important time for a teen's life, but it can come with a whole load of unexpected stress. Stress which the mother is usually burdened with. From growing expenses on finding a flattering dress to arguing over the curfew, it can quickly become overwhelming.

Here, at Little Black Dress, it is important that we can help decrease the worries where dresses are concerned. Which is undoubtedly the most important part of prom. Although we provide a strong personal style advice service, we think it's important to share a thorough guide on advising mums on how they can help their daughter find the right dress. Read up on our professional recommendations and wow your daughter with the best fit for her. One which isn't going to burn a whole through your purse!

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Flattering dresses for Prom

Slice your purchase into three

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Flattering dresses for Prom

Find Inspiration

If you are at a total loss on which direction to take for your daughters prom dress. We think that collecting some inspiration is always a good start. This will help gain a sense of the theme or aesthetic she may wish to channel into her look. You could work together to create a mood board with all the looks she loves. Seek out celebrities that she admires and see what they are wearing on the red carpet. Read over our Style Steal posts on the SAG Awards, NTA Awards and Red Carpet best dressed of 2019 on how to recreate celebrity outfits.

Flattering dresses for Prom Left to right: shop prom dresses

Flattering her figure

It's important that your daughter feels confident in what she's wearing for her prom. Fortunately, this is our forte with a huge range of high-quality dresses that will make any wearer feel like a million bucks. Knowing what body type your daughter is, will help you find a flattering dress that gives her the perfect silhouette.


For hourglass body shapes (well-defined waist, torso and hips having about the same width), look for prom dresses that accentuate the waist and achieve equal balance between top and bottom. For example, long sleeves should match with a full skirt. Or if the top is tight, the skirt should be fitted also.


Finally, for women with an apple body(little or no waist definition, upper body wider than the hips), dresses that can create the illusion of a slimmer waist is idea. She needs to keep the right balance between the upper and lower body. Look for dresses with simple, minimal detailing at the top and a low wide neckline; square, scoop and sweetheart.


For ladies with a pear body shape (torso and upper body smaller than the hips), prom dresses that draw attention to the shoulders and bust work best. It's important to reduce attention to the lower body. Therefore, A-line, wrap, low cut and draped dresses are the most flattering options.


Rectangular women (no defined waistline, shoulders, bust and hips having the same width) should define their waist and volume to both the upper and lower body. Look for draped dresses with a defined waist and voluminous skirt. Ruffles, frills and folds are a great option.

If you are at a loss on body shapes, read our Prom Trends Guide and which style is the most flattering.

Choosing the correct colour

Not all prom dresses are created equal and this goes for colours as well. Selecting the perfect shade is just as important as the style of dress. Looking at your daughters' skin tone will help provide guidance on picking the right dress for her special night. The following is just a guidance and if she loves a different colour that isn't recommended, then that's okay too.

Fair/ Pale Skin

Fair skin burns easily in the sun and typically found on Caucasians. Hair tends to dramatically contrast from the skin and is usually dark brown or black. Although, not uncommon for blondes.

If you fall into the fair category, then it is best to find hues that contrast with your skin tone. You are essentially looking to bring some colour to your complexion. Cool colours work best. This includes blues, greens and purples, as well as, pinks and reds. In contrast, dark blues such as navy and dark red's like Burgundy are also flattering choices. White and black isn't as flattering as they can wash out fairer skin tones.


Asians, Latinos, Mediterranean, or dark, mixed race people commonly have this skin tone. Medium skin tones tan easily with little risk of burning and the hair colours are usually brown, black, various shades of red (auburn) or blonde.

Flattering colours for this skin tone should bring warmth to your complexion. This should include bright, deep hues and jewel tones that will look rich and saturated against your skin. Jewel tones are rich colours that resemble gems and stones such as emeralds, sapphires, and rubies. Deep navy and royal blue work well, as well as, red, green and deep purples. Steer clear of greys, pastels and other light hues that will be too cool against your skin.

Dark Skin

Typically found on people of African and Indian decent, this skin tans without burning. Hair is black or very dark brown.

For darker skin tones, think opposites attract. Warm colours are going to work best for her prom dress, regardless of the shade. Think any tone of purple from pastel lilac to plum and eggplant. Sunset shades are also beautiful options; Pinks, yellows, copper, orange, red and white. On the other hand, light green, navy, black and dark brown are the least flattering colours for this skin tone. Steering clear of cool colours is advisable.

Enjoy the prom dress prep

Finding the perfect flattering dress for prom can be tricky. With the above advice we think that you are ready and armed with the required knowledge to help your daughter choose correctly.

It is important to be sensitive to each other and understand the others point of view. Make sure to bask in the beauty of the event and enjoy the process of the prom prep.

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