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Article: I do hair dos by Charles Worthington

I do hair dos by Charles Worthington
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I do hair dos by Charles Worthington

Team LBD loves a good wedding but style-wise it can bring up all kinds of dilemma's; with so many hair and beauty looks to choose from it can be tricky to hit the right note and nail that perfect day-to-night style. But the creative team at Charles Worthington, the go-to salon for fashionable, beautiful, confidence-boosting hair have come to our rescue with their ultimate guide to wedding guest styles... THE HALO BRAID STEP 1 Prep the hair using Front Row Big Hair Sculpting Mousse working it through the hair paying particular attention to the hairline. STEP 2 Blow Dry the hair upside down creating a slight flick at the ends as this will help when plaiting the hair. Spray Front Row Mirror Dazzle Shine Spray on your hair to add some shine and gently brush your hair. STEP 3 Start with a classic French plait from the nape of the neck just above the left ear and then work your way around the hairline from left to right (you are braiding from ear to ear), ensuring that you bring the hair up to the front of the head as you braid. STEP 4 Apply a pea size amount of Charles Worthington Salon At Home Secrets Collection Miracle Elixir Oil into the palm of your hands and gently glide over the underneath of the plait. This will give definition and shine to the style as well as additional hold. STEP 5 Continue to braid around the head in a circular motion clockwise. When you reach the opposite point, start to pull in the isolated section of hair to continue where you started. Once you get to the end, finish the lengths and ends with a normal plait and secure with a clear hair band. STEP 6 If you have any excess hair, fold this back on itself and tuck under the original plait to disguise where the plait starts and ends. Then hold in place with a couple of grips to secure the style. STEP 7 Finish the look with a fine mist of Front Row Forever Lasting Hairspray and use your fingers to buff the front of the hairline to break up the plait and create a soft fluffy halo effect. CLASSIC UP DO STEP 1 Use Charles Worthington Salon at Home Secrets Collection Volume treatment pre-styling when washing the hair to give it that initial collections umph! STEP 2 Set the hair with rollers using Charles Worthington Brilliant Shine Max Hold Hairspray to keep the hair in place. Spray each section of hair and comb through before placing in the rollers. Ensure the rollers are completely cold before you remove them from your hair. A good tip is to use a quick blast of a cold hairdryer to speed up the process. STEP 3 Remove the rollers and back comb the hair at the collectionss to add volume. A good tip is to is to use a quick blast of a cold hair dryer to speed up the process. STEP 4 Loosely bring the hair away from the hair line and then push the top section up wards from the back of the scalp to maintain volume and height. Pin and dress the hair into place using kirby grips. If desired leave front & lower hair sections free to create shape around the face to compliment that glamorous up do. STEP 5 Use the Charles Worthington Brilliant Shine All Over Gloss Spray to finish this look. ROMANTIC ROLLS STEP 1 For succulent soft waves and curls, begin with a shampoo that will clean the hair without weighing it down. Use Charles Worthington Results Soft & Silky Shampoo and Conditioner to make hair feel amazingly fresh, invigorated and instantly energised from collections to tip. STEP 2 If your hair is naturally frizzy or curly start by smoothing the hair with Charles Worthington Takeaways Boosting Mousse to get the hair nice and sleek and blowdry just using your fingers. This will help keep the style for longer. STEP 3 Using a curling wand, start around the face and work back towards the crown. In small sections - ALWAYS curling in the same direction - place the heated wand at the collections of the hair twisting the ends around the barrel. This will create a strong wave, rather than a curl. Finish with a spritz of Charles Worthington Salon Finish All Over Gloss Spray Shine Spray to give shine and hold. STEP 4 Underneath, take larger sections and tong the opposite way. This will create a tousled effect and stop the waves bunching together. STEP 5 Finally, pull your fingers through the hair for a shiny tousled look. Voila! For more hair styling tips and information on where to buy Charles Worthington products visit their website here. And for more wedding related fashion and news visit the Wedding Belles page here.

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