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Article: It takes the average woman 30 hours to find the perfect LBD...

It takes the average woman 30 hours to find the perfect LBD...
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It takes the average woman 30 hours to find the perfect LBD...

A survey has revealed that it takes the average woman five days of shopping to find her perfect little black dress. And once she's secured the dress of her dreams she only wears it twice!

The research commissioned by leading laundry specialists, Dr Beckmann tells us that she won't wear it more than that because of the fear of being judged for wearing the same outfit more than once. Now, Team LBD appreciates the fashion faux pas of being 'tagged twice' but we're not being papped everyday a la Victoria Beckham, who not only needs to alter her wardrobe for the cameras, but also has the budget to change twice a day, let alone twice in her life time. With the average woman spending £125 on the perfect LBD we've got a few tips to get more mileage out of your money and work that LBD in to your weekly wardrobe:

Left to right: Hedonia Black Teresa Dress, £90, Gorgeous Couture Kate Dress, £94, Rise Fashion Alexia Dress, £45, Hedonia Jemima Cocktail Dress, £35, Mascara Long Corset Dress, £104. For £125 ladies looking for a versatile little black number can bag any one of these day-to-night dresses and still have money left over for look-altering accessories to make their dress go further.

Swap these day-time friendly nude shoes for colour-pop pink pumps to transform your simple LBD from work-wear chic to party perfect. Or add a leather jacket like this one to toughen up a girlie shopping style for a night on the town. Choose simple stud earrings for minimalistic style and change into statement-making chandelier styles to work the Gatsby Glamour style.

With a simple black foundation to work with the possibilities are endless and your dream LBD need not hide at the back of your wardrobe for seasons to come. So dust off your favourite black dress, or crack out the card for a shiny new purchase from And if in doubt as to how you can wear your LBD over and over again send our resident Style Expert, Gemma an e-mail here. We look forward to seeing more LBDs on the streets this weekend! To shop all black dresses at LBD click here.

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