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Article: Jameela Jamil causing a stir in sultry chiffon

Jameela Jamil causing a stir in sultry chiffon

Jameela Jamil causing a stir in sultry chiffon

New kid on the blog (blog-block...get it?) Jameela Jamil made for some tasty bait to our fashion eye in a floaty, Goth-glam gown by Amanda Wakeley at the GQ Men of the Year Awards this week. What could have been a perfectly adequate, if a little bit bawdy, bodycon dress was elevated to new levels with a luxurious chiffon, maxi skirt adornment that gave the whole ensemble a air of elegance and luxury that would not have otherwise been accomplished. While the corsetry-inspired top and shrinking hemline give a subtle nod towards the Festish Fashion fever that so many have been allured by, the sheer skirt adds a subtle slight hint of vulnerability and softness. The upper proportions sculpt a strict, sexy silhouette that screams dominatrix-chic with her toned and angular shoulders on display, while the fluidity of the lower proportions soften her frame keeping femininity intact and just giving a sultry flash of those long, slender, tanned, toned pins. We're not jealous at all, promise... If you are enjoying Amanda Wakeley's stylish use of clashing fabrics then look no further than our selection of multi-textural masterpieces from this season's hottest designers.

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