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Article: Johnny Loves Rosie accessories

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Johnny Loves Rosie accessories

It is Wedding, Races and Prom season again, so Team LBD thought we would share with you some of our favourite accessories from our top hair accessories brand, Johnny Loves Rosie. Whether you want to add a fun twist to your outfit, liven up a plain dress or just want that extra bit of sparkly for your look, then Johnny Loves Rosie is the brand for you. Team LBD thought we would share with you our Top 5 Johnny Loves Rosie accessories from their vintage inspired collection. Summer Fun  This headband is perfect for any Summertime outfit, even in this wet weather, this gorgeous Light Spring Ditsy Floral Knot Hairband, ¬£35.00, will brighten up you and everyone around you day! Glitz and Glam  If you have been looking for the perfect elegant final addition for your outfit for an upcoming event, then the hunt is over as this Delicate Flower Hair Clip, ¬£20.00, is the accessory you have been looking for. This clip is stylish and is perfect for day or night attire no matter what you are wearing, and at ¬£20.00, it is hard to say no to such a gorgeous accessory. Sophisticated Style  This vintage inspired hairslide is a Team LBD favourite, and will add sophistication, glamour and elegance to your outfit. No matter what your event, hair colour or style of dress, this gold and diamante slanted hairslide, ¬£12.00, is perfect for everyone and is a must-have buy at only ¬£12.00! Vintage Chic  You might think brooches are for older ladies, but that is were you are wrong! A brooch is a long forgotten about accessory that compliments any outfit and gives you instant sophistication. Whether it is colourful or plain, a brooch is an unsung hero in Team LBD's eyes when it comes to accessories, and this Flower Brooch with Diamante Gem Stone, ¬£30.00, is the perfect brooch for your first or growing collection. The Perfect Hair Accessory  On those bad hair days that we all have (even the celebrities) and you don't know what to do to fix this disaster before a lunch date or appointment, then all you have to do is place this stunning Beaded Flower Headband, ¬£39.00, onto your head and all you hair worries will go away. This gorgeous headband has certain saved us in the past and is Team LBD's favourite Johnny Loves Rosie accessory. We love Johnny Loves Rosie and Team LBD hope we have inspired you to purchase some additions to your accessories collection. View all of Johnny Loves Rosies collection here at

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