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Article: Little Black Dress Chat to Capital FM's Sally Hudson

Little Black Dress Chat to Capital FM's Sally Hudson
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Little Black Dress Chat to Capital FM's Sally Hudson

Little Black Dress launched a radio campaign on Capital FM this week so Team LBD took five to catch up with Capital's drive-time presenter Sally Hudson to talk about party season and favourite tipples to her style icon Iris Apfel and her obsession with jumpsuits… I hung my clubbing shoes up a long time ago - phew! - I honestly don't know how I used to run after taxis in 4 ½ inch heels when I can't even walk to the car in them now! My husband and I are big foodies so my idea of a perfect night out involves going out for meals with friends in Manchester.Mr Cooper's House at The Midland is one of our favourite places and Hawksmoor another. If I'm out for dinner, I always wear a heel, paired usually with skinny jeans, a blouse, blazer and always a full face of makeup - I don't leave the house without drawing my eyebrows on! The best place we have ever eaten at was during our Honeymoon in Las Vegas at a place called Todd English's Olives at the Bellagio hotel. We're heading back there next year, we absolutely love Vegas. Out of the Little Black Dress moods (glamorous, unique, feminine, sexy and classic) I'd describe myself as all five, just kidding! I would say that my style is more classic and glamorous, the older I've got the more refined my outfits have become. My boobs actually fit into my bras properly now...for a change. I'm a very simple person, I prefer colours and textures as opposed to prints - and I love to accessorise. Statement necklaces are my favourite and I love the work of Claudia Pink, her statement necklaces are so eye-catching. To be honest I don't drink, but at Christmas my favourite tipple is a sherry – I just can't resist a little one. However, it has to be served in the appropriate dainty, dinky sherry glass! I actually have some of those in the cabinet at home; they're so cute and look like Barbie wine glasses! I don't have a style icon but I love being asked this question. I have never really been into fashion, so for years what I've done is go into shops and ask the shop assistant with the best look to dress me! However I have recently come across a woman who just flawed me with her style! Her name is Iris Apfel, a 94 year old fashion icon who lives in New York City. This woman buys everything from everywhere; she has the largest collection of dress jewellery on record and has even showcased some of her outfits that she's put together for fashion exhibitions at some of the biggest museums in the world. There's a documentary that came out about her recently simply called 'Iris' and if you want to be inspired, watch it. She's a gem. I really don't wear dresses very well, I never have, and I hated skirts as a kid - I was a real tomboy. So now for parties and going out I have embraced the revival of the Jumpsuit and have accumulated quite a few! My favourite is a black strapless one that I wear with a white blazer and some B.A Baracus jewellery (!) - I love how you can dress them up or down. Tune into Manchester's Capital FM all this week and listen out for how to win a shopping spree at – just in time for Christmas!

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