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Article: Liz Hurley’s ‘safety pin’ dress makes a comeback with Bernshaw

Liz Hurley’s ‘safety pin’ dress makes a comeback with Bernshaw

Liz Hurley’s ‘safety pin’ dress makes a comeback with Bernshaw

A little black dress has the power to create the most iconic of images, with stars from Audrey Hepburn to Kate Moss recognising the impact the right LBD can make. But one such dress has made a surprising comeback almost two decades after it made its red carpet debut. Who remembers Elizabeth Hurley in that ‘safety pin' dress? We thought so. Designed by Gianni Versace, a simple black cocktail dress was taken over to the sexy side with the addition of numerous safety pins, seemingly holding the dress together. Liz became a star overnight and after such huge exposure there could only be one woman daring enough to bring it back and re-work it for the 21st century... gaga1 Long-time Versace devotee and favourite Lady Gaga was seen out in the same dress only last week, showing that even the most recognisable of little black dresses can remain timeless. Working the revealing dress with confidence, her display inspired one Daily Mail journalist to try it herself and she did it in a replica made by our very own Bernshaw. The dress made in 1994, was re-created by Bernshaw almost immediately after it appeared in the press. Known for their stunning dresses and on-point replica outfits, director of Bernshaw, Alex Bernstein recalls: 'The minute people saw the pictures of Liz in that dress in the newspapers, our phones lit up. From House of Fraser to independent boutiques, everyone wanted it.' A snip at ¬£150, only one of these dresses remains, held in the company's archives. bernshaw3 Flattering, classic and sexy Bernshaw's take on the original is just as celebratory of the female form and just as show-stopping. We may not have the 'safety pin' in our online LBD collection but we do have some other amazing finds from Bernshaw available. The Bernshaw Karolina dress is equally as glamorous as Liz's designer piece and is perfect for ladies who like to leave a little more to the imagination. And Team LBD bestseller, the Isla dress is great for formal evenings with just a touch of sophisticated sparkle. Or for something more eye-catching and sexy, the Helena dress with flatter you figure and make you shine like a star. bernshaw1 Left to right: Bernshaw Karolina Dress in Black, ¬£399, Bernshaw Isla Dress in Black, ¬£375, Bernshaw Helena Dress, ¬£365. If you've got a craving for perfectly put together celebrity style you can shop all Bernshaw dresses here.

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