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Article: The modern-day Hepburn

The modern-day Hepburn
Fashion Fix

The modern-day Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn and Coco Chanel are just two iconic names that constantly crop up in magazines. One's a multi-talented actress who's feline eye-liner and heavy eyebrow combo is still replicated by women years later, and the latter only the chicest French fashion designer who paved the way for simple yet stylish fashion by inventing the timeless LBD. However, these two trend-setters are not the only fabulously chic women who have made their mark on the fashion industry and have their own definitive style, with current famous personalities taking their first steps to earning their own fashion icon title. We've rounded up our Top 10 classically inspired fashionistas, who show perfectly that a timeless yet modern style is perfectly achievable, by becoming contemporary Hepburns.

Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham has evolved from a mini-skirt wearing 90s girl-band member, into a stylish and refined fashion icon. Posh Spice has earned her own well-deserved fashionista title, despite being married to footballer David Beckham, by designing the extremely coveted fashion brand Victoria Beckham. Victoria frequently wears her own designs, which depict her definitive and minimalistic style with sleek silhouettes and a timeless monochrome palette. Known for her ever-changing hairstyles, Mrs Beckham keeps us all on her toes with her inconsistency and in turn, revives her outfits. vb

Get Victoria's style: Lipstick Boutique Ivy Dress in Black and White, was £70, now £50, Bourne Freya Dress in Nude, was £186, now £130.20

Olivia Palermo

It's no surprise that socialite Olivia Palermo is forever landing herself on fashion show front rows, popping up on Best Dressed lists and mingling with designers. The American fashionista has undoubtedly made herself known over the past few years through her effortlessly chic style! Whether she's attending a glamorous event in a Marchesa LBD, or walking her dog in a classic cropped-jean and white shirt combo, there's no questioning that Ms Palermo has iconic style. At 5ft 3”, Olivia accentuates her petite frame by balancing high-necks with short hem-lines, and adds high-heels to elongate her legs further, making her seem taller. op

Get Olivia's style: L.2.Mae Bonheur Dress, was £65, now £50, Ethologie Catherine Dress in Orange £296.00

Kylie Minogue

Aussie singer Kylie Minogue's most famed outfit is without a doubt the infamous barely-there gold hot-pants that made an appearance in her Spinning Around video. However, over the years Kylie has redeemed herself and proved that she knows a thing or two when it comes to style. These days Ms Minogue is sporting a more refined chic look, which leaves everyone lusting after her classic LBDs on The Voice, but it's clear that the hot-pant loving Kylie still remains as she often sports sheer risqué dresses and cheeky hem-lines. At a miniscule 5ft, this songstress knows how to dress for her figure, and opts for figure-hugging dresses, which accentuate her petite frame. km

Get Kylie's style: Gorgeous Couture Kylie Dress in Black, £102.85, Ruby Ray Long Beaded Asymmetrical Dress in Blue and Black, £248

Keira Knightley

English rose Keira Knightley rarely puts a foot wrong when it comes to fashion, whether she's wearing regal black gowns or vintage-style tea dresses. Keira was the perfect choice for the face of perfume Coco Mademoiselle, as she always exudes elegance and stays true to her classic style. To get Keira's sophisticated style, think florals, lace and vintage-inspired dresses. If you're tall and slim like Ms Knightley, take note of how she doesn't always wear plunging necklines and thigh-high splits, as she flaunts her figure with cinched-waists and demure sheer details. kk

Get Keira's style: Gina Bacconi Beaded Lace and Jersey Dress, was £260, now £182, Darling Tia Dress in Navy and Floral Print, £64

Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton epitomises elegance and grace throughout her wardrobe; everything a modern-day princess should be. The Duchess of Cambridge always opts for classic silhouettes and a feminine palette, with timeless black styles and pastel toned dresses being her go-to pieces. Kate's Alexander McQueen royal wedding dress was beautifully opulent with its vintage-esque white lace detailing and oversized train, which looked straight out of a fairy-tale. Princess Kate always pairs her ladylike looks with natural make-up and chic hairstyles; a contemporary Grace Kelly in the making. hrhtdoc

Get Kate's style: Darling Marissa Dress in Lime, £75, Aftershock London Daking Dress, was £160, now £128

Jennifer Aniston

It takes a particularly iconic woman to influence an era with her hairstyle, and it's safe to say that Jennifer Aniston most definitely inspired the women of the 90s with her ‘Rachel' bob. The American starlet fully embraces her slender figure by opting for short hem-lines and figure-hugging dresses, but her style remains classic and simplistic as she often wears monochrome palettes or bold block-colours. Here at Team LBD we love how Ms Aniston keeps her own signature effortless style, by keeping her make-up au naturel and rarely opting for lavish extravagant hairstyles. ja

Get the Look: Reiss Strasbourg Leather Dress £298.50, Lipstick Boutique Livvie Dress £70

Emma Watson

We've seen actress Emma Watson's style evolve over the past ten years from questionable adolescent outfits, to demure elegant show stoppers. The stylish Harry Potter actress is associated with possibly two of the most renowned fashion houses, as she has modelled for Burberry and is an avid wearer of Chanel. Emma is never afraid to take a risk with fashion and balances classic silhouettes and colours with quirky accessories flawlessly, and has perfected the sleek side-parted hair and red lipstick combo, which ooze old Hollywood glamour. ew

Get Emma's style: Aftershock London Dakmari Dress in Navy Blue, £125, Gorgeous Couture Lacey Dress in Red, £231.75

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie created one of the most iconic poses at the 2012 Oscars but managed to pull off the daring stance by wearing a stylish and regal black velvet gown. The stunning actress embodies movie-star glamour with her trademark Jolie pout and enviable hourglass figure. If you want to master dressing with allure and elegance, then take note of Ms Jolie who has perfected the winning combination! Team LBD love how this leading lady wears the red lip and sexy messy hair combo like she invented it.

Get Angelina's style: Forever Unique Porsia Dress in Black, £330, Gina Bacconi Long Dress with Fishtail and Beaded Back Neck in Spring Navy, £289

Anne Hathaway

Actress Anne Hathaway is a far cry from her gawky character she played in The Princess Diaries when she first appeared on our screens. The actress rarely takes a risk with fashion, but as a result the American beauty never puts a foot wrong and always stays true to her simplistic chic style in timeless LBDs and elegant gowns. From her statuesque figure to her vintage pixie-cut hair, Anne is a true modern-day Hepburn and oozes a classy ladylike style.


Get Anne's style: Darling Marni Dress, was £90, now £59


British songstress Adele embodies old Hollywood glamour with her voluminous structured hairstyles, feline eyeliner flicks and fabulously glamorous dresses. The Grammy award winner is known for her love of classic black gowns, but sometimes steps outside of the fashion-box and wears something a little more daring, like this gorgeous red and pink antique- printed floral Valentino dress. An icon in the making! Note how Adele always opts for cinched waists, which make the most of her gorgeous hour-glass figure.

aGet Adele's look: The Curve Walk in and Wow Lace Dress (size 14-22), £74.50, Gina Bacconi Lace Dress in Navy Blue, £181

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