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Article: Olivia impresses again in dressed down LBD

Olivia impresses again in dressed down LBD
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Olivia impresses again in dressed down LBD

We couldn't wait to tell you about Olivia's fantastic power-savvy ensemble, which we spotted at the Ray Ban Sounds Project in New York this weekend. Now, Olivia is no stranger to the LBD site, what with her Goth-glam dramatics and playful polka dots and we're loving this androgynous-chic get up just as much. Teaming a boxy, boyfriend blazer with a low-cut, spaghetti strap dress and colour-block clutch creates a perfect harmony between his and hers that will set you well on your way to topping the trends this Autumn and Winter. Browse our collection of vibrant bags for that perfect LBD accompaniment or go straight for this fabulous fuchsia creation from Ted Baker that we've picked out especially for you. We're also loving Ms. Wildes's knee-high boots which are ideal for the colder weather and give that sultry wink towards fetish fashion which has seduced so many already this season. Get Olivia's look....

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