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Article: Origami Jewellery

Origami Jewellery
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Origami Jewellery

The jewellery we spotted on the runways this season seemed to be all about one thing — international influence. From the tassels of Matthew Williamson to the poms-poms of Dolce and Gabbana, it looks like the heavyweight designers have been globe-trotting for inspiration in 2013. In the same vein one of our favourite Parisian design duos, Claire and Arnuad, are all about foreign finds with their intrinsically Japanese Origami Jewellery. Shop: Origami Jewellery Pegasus Pendant in Silver, ¬£105. As the be-getters of such a unique craze, the pair recall the night when their project was conceived. One winter's eve their friend, Masayuki Muraki, taught them the careful craft behind this ancient Japanese folding technique. After learning the ancient skill they couldn't resist experimenting with the simplistic art form and proceeded to fold all night long. Shop: Origami Jewellery Rabbit Necklace in Gold, ¬£105. After this fabled introduction, the Parisian pair realised the possibilities origami allowed and so created a selection of earrings made only from paper and thread; beautiful pieces but terribly flimsy. For this reason in 2008 the first durable collection was brought into being after the pair travelled to Japan to seek the assistance of master manufacturers and so came the birth of Origami Jewellery. Shop: Origami Jewellery Lion Necklace in Black Silver, Was ¬£106.64, Now ¬£85.81. Since then they have played with shape and design so creating a veritable menagerie of crafted creatures; the rabbit, deer, dog, lion, triceratops and's bestseller Pegasus, all in sparkling form. Designed with fragile folds of paper and then cast in precious metals, these are delicate pieces of art masquerading as jewellery — your very own little fragment of Japan to see SS13 through in style. Shop all Origami Jewellery at here.

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